Birthday Girl

Today I turn 25 and my fabulous grandmother is 85 — a lucky birthday that I’ve always shared with my Grammy whenever I’ve had the chance {because we all know I’m her favorite…siblings, cousins…are you reading this? Sorry I’m not sorry} and this year is one of the good ones.  Lucky me!!
Patrick (brother), Grammy, myself — summer 2011 in Greenwood.
CHBoo plays the piano for Grammy, which is extra exciting for her considering she’s had a piano for 40+ years yet no one can play.
I really hope I get this monogram necklace and these baby pandas I asked for.  Crossing my fingers!


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    You, Grammy, and myself will be celebrating our birthdays together, from opposite sides of the country! I hope your day is fabulous!

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    Happy BIRTHDAY!!! Kittycat, I am so glad you are now in the mid-twenties with me. Couldn’t have held it up all by myself. Anddd, I may have mentioned you in my blog post today. Too sweet of me? I know.

    I sincerely hope this is one of the best birthdays you’ve ever had. I mean you won’t see me, but I think it can still be a good one. Love ya! 😉

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    Happy Birthday! I just hit the big two-five 10 days ago myself & it freaked me out at first, (how am I 25 already?!) but I’m adjusting. Just keep telling myself, “the best is yet to come.” Enjoy your day! :)

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    Happy Birthday pretty lady! Hope yours and your Granny’s was fabulous!! and def hope you get your birthday wishes…. baby pandas? Um, hello… awesome! I want that monogrammed necklace too! Especially now since I have a NEW monogram :) Know of any cheaper ones tho Ms. Fashionista??

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