Ladies Night

Lately, Christian has been on his family medicine rotation which means he is so lucky to leave work at 5 like most of America! Recently I may have expressed how nice it would be if Christian (who gets home at least an hour and forty-five minutes before me since I head to pilates post-work) had prepared dinner for ME when I arrived home, rather than me getting home and rushing to put something together for us both to eat.
Someone is a GREAT listener!!  Friday afternoon I got a text message from Christian telling me that he’s working on dinner so I can just head home and relax.  We had some champagne to toast our less-than-a-month-to-wedding countdown and I kicked my feet up with Lula LaShonda while declaring it LADIES NIGHT (CHBoo still disagrees with this declaration…so call it a self-proclaimed ladies night).
I’ll take it.  He doesn’t even live with me yet and if this is going to become an occasional treat?  I’ll put a ring on it.
This was his own creation…no google search or recipe outline for this guy.  I wonder if following a recipe is like asking for directions for men?
I asked what I should call this creation of his and all he would say was, “delicious,” so I’ll share with you what this dish really included — flatbread with sautéed spinach, mozzarella, grilled chicken and a balsamic glaze.  The mushrooms were stuffed with mozzarella cheese and spinach.
I casually watched him cook and raised an eyebrow here and there but didn’t say anything…mostly I enjoyed listening to him explain his creation, “it’s kind of an open gyro, it’s kind of a salad, it’s kind of a pizza, it’s kind of amazing.”


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