Friday’s Five

1)  Sharing holidays with my new husband and spending the weekend with these precious girls.


2)  It’s the holiday season y’all…gimme that cheese ball.


3)  A real cat lady photo session with Lula LaShonda and the mini sombrero I brought her from our Mexican honeymoon.  Considering she was rescued from the Cinco de Mayo parking lot, I was adamant we bring home something to reflect her heritage.  Olé!

4)  Lifting my holiday spirits by purchasing more Christmas decorations behind my husband’s back while he was interviewing for residency in Oklahoma City…and now he knows because he’s reading this.  Christian — let’s talk budget in 2013.  For now – ain’t nobody got time for that.

5)  Wearing these fun Stella & Dot earrings that already have me thinking about New Year’s Eve ensembles.




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      It sounds like we need to talk then. Here’s my budget: I have a job. I save 10-15% (depending on how spendy I’m feeling that day). I pay my rent + bills. I buy what I want. I never run out of money.

      I mean…..who needs a budget!?

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    I’m new to reading your blog and love it!! I seriously get excited when I see a new post! :) You always have the loveliest photos, have a nice weekend!

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    Kathleen, I love your engagement ring/wedding ring combination! Would you be willing to share the specs/stats on all of your lovely rings? I am getting married in June and am currently shopping for wedding bands myself and ideally would like to emulate the similar finger-coverage your wedding bands provide! Thanks, and congrats on your new husband/wife adventures, I love hearing about them!

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