How To: Clean Your Makeup Brushes

I try to clean my makeup brushes as often as I can think to.  I can always tell when it’s time to clean them when the bristles just don’t feel as soft as they should.  If you take care of your brushes — they will last years and years!
There are tons of different ways to clean your makeup brushes.  Just search it in pinterest and let yourself get overwhelmed (as pinterest does on basically everything for me).  Olive oil, professional brush cleaner and white vinegar aside, baby shampoo is my tried and true.
Step One:  Run your brushes under warm water.
Step Two:  Pour a small amount (think 1/3 a penny) on the brush bristles and let the shampoo and water create some suds.  Rinse several times.
Step Three:  Fill a glass with warm water and pour some baby shampoo in the water.  Stir around and let your brushes sit in the glass for 10 minutes or so.
Step Four:  After that time is up, take all the brushes out of the glass and rinse thoroughly.  Make sure there isn’t any shampoo left in any of the brushes.  Lie them on a towel to dry.
Then place your silky soft makeup brushes back where they belong.  Easy breezy!



  1. says

    This is awesome! It’s crazy to see how dirty the brushes could get. By the way, I love the brush with the black handle, the black handle brush always recieves my vote when shopping for makeup brushes. I love you, kat! You’re wedding is going to be AMAZING!

  2. Anonymous says

    OMG NO NO NO!!! Do not EVER soak your brushes that deep in a liquid, soap and whatever else your using will get into the ferrel (the part that holds the bristles to the brush) and dissolve the glue!! Please! Soak them in no more than 1/2 inch! Same results just protecting your expensive brushes!!! Please add this to your blog because I’d hate for someone to get mad because this ruined their brushes!

    • says

      Yikes! I’ve always cleaned my brushes this way and have never had any problems – this is just a tutorial from my own personal experience. But thank you for sharing your experience!

    • Marcy says

      I thought of that too (that wetting brushes in that area can ruin the glue/brush). I saw that in a book by Carmindy or Bobbi Brown, can’t remember which book or which artist, both may have something about it in their book(s).

    • says

      You can not rule out any possibility that the brush will ruin while soaking. However, It depends on the quality of the brush. While wearing accrylic nails, do you soak your hand in water while bathing? When cleaning a paint brush, do you soak it? Are False eyelashes allowed to get wet? The answer is YES! All of these products are applied with glue, but like most tools, these items will need to be replaced over time. So Soak away…… :)

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