I’ve seen acrylic trays everywhere in the design world and was shocked when I saw that they were actually expensive!  I just assumed they would be less than $30 since they were, you know, plastic.  Sidenote:  please notice the Bailey photobomb.

On pinterest I saw a few people got this look for a lot less…by using an acrylic box picture frame from a craft store.  This pin was the inspiration.  It was one of those moments when I couldn’t believe I had not considered it sooner — genius!  For less than $15 I bought two frames and some colorful scrapbook paper and had a set of trays in no time.  So easy.  So ridiculously easy.

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17 thoughts on “Acrylic Tray Look for Less

    1. Ashley – I’m flattered that you would even say that — I’m constantly trying to learn how to take better pictures! I love my canon t3 and 50mm lens + natural light. Other than that – I just take a lot of pictures and usually at least a handful are good!

  1. A “look for less” I LOVE it! Noticing the neat and orderly tray by your computer I noticed the plethora of “all things sparkly.” How I gave birth to such a girly girl still continues to amaze me. You would think that after a quarter of a century I’d be used to it by now. Carry on.

  2. This is definitely on my crafting to-do list. I love that the paper is interchangeable, as well!

  3. I love this post! I’m about to get married and am looking for some DIY inspiration for our new place. This might be my first project and it’s so easy. Thank you!

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