I’ve always loved a simple sarong for a beach coverup because like a good scarf, sarongs can be worn so many different ways.  Usually I keep my sarong at my waist in the morning and post pb-&-banana/eat-anything-I-can-find, I wrap it strapless across my chest or cross tie it behind my neck.

Naturally, the four most simple are my favorites, and while I know it’s not rocket science, I thought I would share my favorite ways with y’all to show you that sarongs aren’t just for your momma!


Strapless & Knotted:



Long Tie Wast:

Cross-Tie at the Neck:

Wrap the sarong around you as if you were going to tie it strapless across the chest, but instead cross the ends and tie them at the back of your neck.

Short Tie Waist:

Fold the sarong in half longwise and tie at the waist.

swimsuit – Victoria’s Secret, similar style here / hat – Target, old, similar here / sarong – market, similar here / sunglasses

I also loved this little guide.  Are you a sarong-girl?  Do you have other favorite ways you like to sarong-it?  Do share! Thanks so much for reading – XO –
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7 thoughts on “4 Ways to Style a Sarong

  1. I always tie mine halter-style (your #3). I love how it looks like a cocktail dress, especially if I’m heading up to the beach cafe/bar for some food and drinks.

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