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Every year I go through some review processes in my business and one of those is observing what the top sellers for the year were.  It’s interesting to observe the kinds of items that were hits and consider why that might be.  Usually they are pieces I bought for myself and wore repeatedly, but there are often little surprises sprinkled throughout!

I am going to break down what were CBL’s top 10 most popular items with my thoughts as to why they’re so fab.  Let’s get into it –


loeffler randall leopard heels

Curve Love Jeans

The #1 sold item for CBL this year – my favorite pair of jeans.  Which makes me so happy because they are the BEST!  Super high waist, a little extra room in the bum and hips and a slight crop.  They are, without a doubt, the most worn pair of denim I have at the moment.

More of this pair styled in this post.

gold bangles

Gold Bangle Set

One of the most worn pieces of jewelry I bought this year, this waterproof, soundproof bangle set.  It took me a while to take the plunge because they’re pretty expensive for a set of 9 polyvinyl bracelets.  But once I bought one set, I quickly purchased a second set.

I can wear them all day – even while cooking, cleaning, bathing Hudson, you name it.  They are so lightweight I forget I’m even wearing them.

You can see outfits with them being worn in the below posts:

Fall Blazers | Organza Tops + Dresses | Breezy Summer Dresses | White Eyelet Dresses | Linen Overalls

ysl fragrance

YSL Mon Paris Eau de Parfum

I only briefly mentioned this delicious fragrance on stories once or twice, but it easily was in the top contenders.  I have had it for a little while but during quarantine, I started wearing fragrances daily again.  Even if I was wearing a sweatshirt, I would add a mist and see how it elevated my morning.

When I pulled out YSL’s Mon Paris Eau de Parfum, Christian immediately commented on how nicely it smelled.  A flirty blend of berry, white floral and musk, it meets this really nice balance that isn’t too weak or too strong.  It has a ton of reviews… I’m not alone in my affection!

wireless bra

Wireless, Smoothing Bra

This bra is an icon, queen and legend.  I originally bought it during the Nordstrom Sale, and it has become my most worn bra.  A) I hate underwire and love that this one is wireless and B) the wider side straps smooths out the skin on your back – no bra bulge!

I noticed that Target sold a less expensive version and bought it as well.  If I ranked the Nordstrom one a 10, I would give the Target one an 8.  Both are excellent.

grey waffle set

Waffle Lounge Set

I was shocked to see this waffle lounge set in the top 10 as I only briefly shared it once on Instagram Stories and the LTK app.  But I have definitely been wearing it all the time because it’s so comfortable and I can easily throw on a coat and sneakers for a put together look.

It comes in 3 colors and runs a little big, so I wouldn’t hesitate in sizing down!

always pan

Always Pan

I shared my deep love for the Always Pan in this post and this post, but I was so happy to see it in 2020’s top 10!  We now have three and use them almost daily.  The best piece of cookware I have, without a doubt.

SKII essence

SKII Essence

I shared a full blog post on my introduction to not only SKII but also an essence in general.  I’ve now used the entire bottle and stand by everything I said because it’s fabulous.

boll and branch bedding

Boll & Branch Bedding, Sheets and Quilt Set

When we bought our first home, I knew I wanted to upgrade both our bedding and our guest room bedding.  Slowly over time I have changed every room over to my favorite Boll & Branch sheets, duvet set and insert.  On our bed we also have the quilt set and it is *chef’s kiss.*

faux leather leggings

Faux Leather Leggings

Hands down, a must-have for me are these leggings.  I have been wearing the same pair for years, and I’m so addicted that I knew I also needed the maternity version last year.

I also love these (styled here), but I find the Spanx version more comfortable.  More about why they’re the best in this post.

how to frame a scarf

Etsy Acrylic Frame

I get asked about this scarf we have framed all the time.  I purchased this Hermés scarf of Paris on our babymoon, and when I went to framing shops I couldn’t believe it was going to cost more to frame it than the designer scarf cost!

Not going to work for me.  So I did a little googling and framed it myself with a much more affordable Etsy frame.  You can find more on how I framed it myself in this post.

Thank you so much for reading! XO –

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  1. This post is so spot on regarding social media selling. I’ve commented on so many of your pics regarding the bangles! When you posted the dupe, that’s it, I was sold. I have bought 2 pairs for myself & gifted them so many times to gf’s. The wireless bra was also a great find! The Spanx leather leggings.. girl.. life changing. I’ve been obsessed with the Always Pan & it’ll be my next purchase. It’s funny, I must’ve missed your YSL Mon Paris post but I needed up purchasing that this past year as well. We’ve got the same great taste, also why I love your blog! Thanks for all your amazing posts & reviews KB!

  2. Hola! I’ve been following your site for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Tx! Just wanted to tell you keep up the excellent work!

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