whole 30 week 2 review

Last week I shared how I was feeling 10 days into Whole30, so today I’m sharing what’s changed 17 days in!  My overall attitude at this time is… bleh.  I’ve settled into the eating plan and when I’m home it’s no big deal… but I’m not necessarily excited about meal times.

Confession: I had a few glasses of wine at the People’s Choice Awards. And guess what happened next? I threw up. Twice. What the what? And it was a Malbec from Argentina and two glasses of Meiomi Pinot Noir – that’s the good stuff! A few glasses of wine used to be a Thursday night (I mean, it’s basically the weekend), and now it made me sick to my stomach? I don’t regret it, but I am glad it’s taken that wine craving away.  The book says if you cheat to start over, but I’m not because… I’m not. However, I felt I needed to be truthful with you guys!


Eating so many vegetables has challenged me to branch out and try new veggie that I wouldn’t reach for beforehand.

I’m getting sick of chicken and red meat, so I’m challenging myself to cook more seafood and it’s a nice change.


In the 30 days we are doing Whole30, so far I’ve had an overnight stay in LA for work, two separate work dinners in LA and guests in town for 8 of the 30 days… which has made eating a challenge.  If I had to pick 30 days where I wasn’t traveling, having visitors or attending food-centered work meetings… I would never be able to do Whole30 because so is life!  So I’ve worried that when trying to do my best eating out that I’ve cheated – who knows what oils they’re cooking with, etc.

The clear skin has left me unfortunately, I’ve got some blemishes on my chin and I’m usually ok in that area… not a huge deal but I just wanted to share because last week my skin was really clear! Of course this could be due to other factors as well.

I strongly dislike how much I think about food. I’m constantly cooking, washing dishes, reading labels, looking up new recipes, making grocery lists, meal prepping, chopping vegetables, thinking about what I can eat… I don’t like food to take up this much of my thoughts.  I like to just eat when I’m hungry and call it a day!


I know Whole30 discourages smoothies, but I needed something in the morning that wasn’t eggs or fruit… and this smoothie is so delish and really cures a sweet tooth!

Christian has been eating raisins to satisfy his sweet tooth – which works for him but makes me laugh because I’ve never really seen him snack on handfuls of raisins?

Have you done Whole30? What helped you survive the halfway slump? Thanks so much for reading and I hope you’re having a great weekend! XO –

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