Thanks to my wonderful husband, we are all moved in and our new little townhouse has been transformed into our breezy and quiet digs – we are obsessed.

My fabulous parents were helping my brother’s family move from San Francisco to Los Angeles during the same week that we were moving, so my parents were able to come to Orange County for the weekend and were over-the-top generous and helpful.  We even took them to Ikea and they were mesmerized by the sample show rooms that share living spaces in small square footage – too funny!  My sweet Dad painted our bathroom, Mom painted the downstairs bathroom and the four of us painted the guest bedroom (still empty…trying to decide how to utilize it but still have plenty of space for an air mattress for our of town guests) and hung most all of our art.  I loved having them here and next time we will definitely spend more time relaxing with less manual labor (and Mom and I getting less paint in our hair).

I wanted to share some snippets of our new home with y’all – we still need a few pieces here and there – but all in all, we feel pretty settled!


Let me know what you think!  Keep in mind we just moved in a week ago..but we are almost totally settled.  We are in the market for a new coffee table, patio furniture and a fig leaf plant – I would love any of your suggestions! Thanks so much for reading and don’t forget to enter the TAudrey plate necklace giveaway – XO –

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24 thoughts on “Our Little Townhouse: Sneak Peek

  1. Your new house is GORGEOUS! And I have to say, I love that you display a book by The Real Housewives. Nene is my spirit animal 🙂

    1. Thank you! My mom actually got these for me from Home Goods – I think they’re Cynthia Rowley?

  2. Beautiful decorating! It’s amazing what y’all did in such a short time! It looks very calming and welcoming.


    1. You’re the nicest! This is one week in…so hopefully with a little more time I can share the entire house tour! 🙂 XO –

    1. Thank you!! I just linked it above for you. 🙂 XO –

  3. It looks beautiful! I’m amazed you were able to do all this in a week! Could you please link where you found your throw pillows on your chair? I’ve been hunting on Etsy for weeks for something similar 🙂 thank you!

    1. Thank you! My mom actually got these for me from Home Goods – I think they’re Cynthia Rowley!

  4. Your place looks great! I can’t believe it looks so put together after a week! Are you looking for a fiddle leaf fig tree? I live in the Los Angeles area and I find some every now and then at Lowes but I had mine special ordered from a smaller nursery and it ended up being cheaper than Lowes!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  5. your style is amazzzzzing!!! Love everything..especially the LV trunk…still swooning over that since I laid eyes upon it on your blog long ago!

  6. Georgics and an amazing job putting everything in it’s own little place in such a shirt time! Can’t wait to see more! I spy Square Table cookbook and CatStudio tea towel! Love those and I have both! Also have the CatStudio MS napkins. I can’t count the number of times I’ve given both of these faves as gifts!

  7. Wow! You guys work fast! And you’re making me feel bad…my hubby and I moved into a new place 2 months ago and it looks nowhere near as good as your place! Thanks for the inspiration for me to get to work!

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