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Like most girls ready for a closet shift in clothing, I’m ready to welcome fall with open arms. However California is not so much, and we are still having the sunny 70-degree days of summer.  I realize how ungrateful I sound complaining, but sometimes a gal just wants a change in season to wear all the scarves, boots, sweaters and hats I have hanging in my closet, left untouched!

Christian and I are hoping to get up to the mountains soon to enjoy some cool, fall weather and you know I’ll bring all my coziest pieces.Until then, I’m trying to get creative in incorporating fall trends while still staying cool.  Sweaters with denim shorts, open knit sweaters with breezy dresses and sandals, cotton tees with midi skirts – you gotta do what you can!

How are you wearing your favorite fall pieces right now?  Thanks so much for reading! XO –
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