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A great pair of distressed denim is what dreams are made of.  I practically live in my 501 shorts in the summer – I’ve had them for five years now and the more worn in, the better. These espadrilles might be the cutest ones I’ve seen yet, and this necklace has my name written all over it.

What are you wishing after this week?  My birthday is on the 12th… so I’m working on getting my wish list in order.  It’s really wild if I tell you what’s on there now… additions to my everyday china, a bundt pan so I can make Christian a chocolate chip poundcake, a pet rumba, a new slipcover for our ottoman, a new kettle, and a ginger jar.

My friends tell me, “you’re like a 60-year old in a 27 year-old’s body… but, like, you’re still a good time.”  I think the latter part is just to soften up the first part.  Christian told me my birthday list was a little sad, and I was like “well I mean I could ask for a Chanel bag and black Louboutins so if you’d like me to jump ship I surely can.” So I’m trading in the Louboutins for a more affordable bunt pan… because that’s a normal trade-off.

Thanks so much for reading! XO –

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15 thoughts on “Wednesday Wish List

  1. I’m right there with you on a wish list that includes kitchen and house ware! Hey, you can’t beat a good bundt pan!

  2. Hhaha I’m right there with you. Totally a 60 year old in a 20- something body. Maybe even an 80 year old!

    If you get a bundt pan, I’ll send you a really amazing sour cream pound cake recipe. It’s so terrible for you but so amazing!

    Alyssa | Glitter and Grey

    1. Um… I love you for both your grandma support AND offering up your recipe. I WOULD LOVE to try it – please sent me the recipe! And yes, I’m assuming I’ll get the bundt pan because I think it’s like… $10.

  3. Holla for adult birthdays! Last year I was all “what do I totally need but don’t want to buy for myself?” and that went on the birthday list. Gotta love Dad and the trusty driver’s license plate sticker renewal; it’s been my birthday present for the last 14 years and it’s kind of the best.

  4. Love this wishlist and those espadrilles have my name all over them super freakin cute. Love your wishlists so great.
    xoxo – Nicole @astyledloveaffair

  5. Love the blue and white dress. At this point when my birthday or Christmas comes around I get cookbooks, cooking supply, house ware or gift cards to get all those things. My friends use to make jokes about me getting excited about a mixer or baking sheets until football season or a party comes around and I bring food.


    1. HAHAHA you’re like, “I shall remember your mockery when the 7 layer dip comes to town.” I kind of love that. Except I’m not a great baker. It is a skill set I’m trying to improve, hence the bundt pan.

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