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Last week was all about home, and this week I’m back on the prowl for closet gems… with the exception of the mirror game.  More on that in a second!

How adorable is this sweatshirt dress?  Under $40 and comes in three colors – I think this would look so great with sandals, wedges or over-the-knee boots.  This shirt looks like a closet staple, and these lace-up beauties come in both beige and black – talk about hot!  I also cannot get enough of this adorable dress – it reminds of a dress I used to wear all the time in college.

So I’ve been on the mirror hunt for a mirror for our guest bedroom.  Something I notice when I’m staying with friends and family is whether or not there is a mirror in the room, because I hate to hog the shared bathroom to do my makeup, hair, etc.  I think something as simple as having a mirror in each bedroom can be a huge game changer and allows guests to feel comfortable staying in their room until they’re ready.  I love this one, but I’ve also been perusing Craigslist for any antique beauties.  How pretty is this one and this one?

Any suggestions for places to shop for mirrors? Thanks so much for reading and y’all have a fab week! XO –

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  1. I have those Dolce Vita lace up heels and absolutely love them. Highly recommend! They’re super comfortable.

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