what to wear to work under $50

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I recently had the best phone catch-up session with one of my college best friends (she was also a bridesmaid in our wedding!), and we started talking about clothes and shopping, fall trends, etc. She works in a very corporate setting with a strict dress code, and it reminded of me of when I worked in the marketing department of a bank (note: that job was bomb, seriously loved it so much!).

It got me thinking about those of you who work in strict dress code settings.  I used to struggle with the same dilemmas (no leggings! #thestruggle), so today I wanted to share my picks under $50 for a 9 to 5 gig.

If you would like these roundups to be themed – I’d love to hear some topics you might be interested in. What to wear to weddings, cocktail parties, football games/tailgating, baby showers, etc. I’m totally up to suggestions!

Thanks so much for reading – and seriously – some of these pieces are just too good (insert praise hands emoji). XO –

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10 thoughts on “Wednesday Wish List: Workwear Under $50

  1. This is so fantastic Kathleen! I just started a new job with an enforced dress code, but hey it’s an excuse to update my wardrobe!

  2. love the workwear tips and prices! it’s important for me to be practical, conservative, and professional with my attire in our corporate setting. i would love to see more posts like this!

  3. I like all of the roundup ideas. I’ve found myself searching Pinterest before for “what to wear to ‘Fall/Spring’ wedding” and “what to wear to baby/bridal shower.”

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