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I am the kind of person who tends to forget about a hostess or coworker gift until the last minute – guilty!  This is one of the many reasons I always have extra nice (and by nice I mean in the $20 -$30 range) bottles of wine and champagne on hand in case I need to grab one before heading to a party.  I also forget about coworkers until I see a nice card or gift on my desk and think, “oh no! I need to get them something before they leave for vacation!”

So I wanted to share some of my favorite gift ideas for these scenarios.  I think we can all agree that a nice candle or bottle of booze is always a good choice.  A bottle of wine with a cute dishtowel tied around the neck, a cute decanter with a bottle of whiskey or some Moscow Mule mugs and ginger beer is almost always well received. I think everyone likes a fancy candle, but no one enjoys spending the money on them – so I love receiving nice candles as gifts!

Another idea I love is fresh flowers in a pretty vase (like this one or this one) or planted herbs in cute jars.  The gift that keeps on giving! This is great for a coworker or boss for their desk or a hostess for her breakfast table – a win-win.

Nice cooking salts, oils or edible treats (everyone likes peppermint bark) is great for the person who enjoys cooking or is having guests over for the holidays and could use some extra snacks around the house.  Get bakin’ and give a baked good with a recipe attached – more fudge, please.

Have you given or received great little gifts like this before? I’d love to hear! I think succulents, wine and good spices/seasonings are my favorite.  Thanks so much for reading! XO –

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7 thoughts on “Gift Guide Under $50: For Coworkers + Hostesses

  1. These are seriously all great ideas! Pinning it to my gift ideas board to reference for later, I know it will come in handy! I think you’re so right about little fancy extras like the embroidered napkins or candle…I can never justify buying something like that for myself but love to get it as a gift!

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