valentine's day gift ideas for her

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Last week I shared some of my picks for him (based on what I know my husband likes), and this week we’re back to the girls!  I think these are some great picks to forward to your guys OR for your girlfriend, sister or mom.  My mom always had the sweetest Valentine’s gifts for me when I was in high school, and I hope that I have a daughter I can do the same for.

I have this scarf in two colors and absolutely love them – they’re thick, soft and extra long. This mug comes in several different words and is the cutest and these lipstick shades look like a trio of my rotating shade picks.  Of course I’m a sucker for all Diptyque candles and I bet this one smells like a dream!

Do you have any special Valentine’s Day memories? My favorite from childhood would probably be when I was in the sixth grade and my mom told me that after school she would take me to get my ears pierced!  C and I almost always go to a steakhouse, and it’s something he definitely always looks forward to. Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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