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First of all, I hope everyone had a sweet VDay yesterday! C surprised me with tripling our bistro lights on the patio (I’ve wanted to do this since we moved in and he kept saying no), which was the best surprise ever.  We cooked dinner and ate outside while listening to Cuban music. All was right in the world.

BUT onto today’s post! We’re going to get a little deeper today, so I hope you guys will continue reading with an open mind! And I’ll be sharing the details of this space below, but stick with me up here!

I recently connected with a reader and she told me that she and her friend loved CBL and that laughing at my loco Snapchats and Insta-stories had helped her friend who has been a little down. First of all, I will ALWAYS be ok with anyone and everyone laughing at or with me, so I loved hearing that I had made someone smile! But of course I don’t like to hear that anyone is blue.

Secondly, I thought – oh girl, I’ve been there.  If you’re human, and especially if you’re an emotional female, you’ve had the blues.  My sophomore year of college I was in a major funk and it took over a semester of wanting to sleep all the time before I even recognized that I was struggling.

Since then, I’ve had several not-so-great office jobs (and some amazing office jobs!), moved across the country from all of my family and friends, lost one of my closest girlfriends and former roommates, my four-year old niece left us for heaven… life has its ups and downs, and we’ve all had our moments when we’ve thought, “God, why didn’t you want you to protect me from this?  Why would you allow these terrible things to happen to anyone?”

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jute rug & sheepskin c/o Rugs USA | gilded muse candle c/o capri Blue – smells amazingcoffee table | art | mirrored tray | sofaon sale! | faux fur throw | chairs | similar garden stools | tray tables – almost 10 years old, no longer available, similar style here | ballet flats (amazing look for less!) | similar Monogolian fur pillows | similar blue pillows

I can’t go without mentioning how much Bailey loves our new rugs from Rugs USA. This fringe jute rug has been on my lust list for quite sometime, and she has been crawling under the coffee table just to nap on the sheepskin.  She loves it so much that I occasionally pull it out for her, and she’ll pass out for hours (if you follow on Snapchat: CBLied or Insta-story, you’ve already seen how often she’s snuggling on it)!

Of course now to my list of spirit-uppers! I feel it must be said that if you are battling depression, you should seek professional advice. Knowing when to ask for help is empowering and never shameful. BUT, if you’re struggling with a case of the blues, regardless of the reason, I have some things I like to do when I’m down that always help me from the inside out.

Yoga/Stretching/Breathing Exercises – Usually this is the first thing that will give me some instant gratification.  Quiet your mind, take deep breaths through your nose, listen to the birds, loosen your muscles. It is one of the fastest ways I can find instant peace. When I get upset or stressed out, focusing on my breathing before reacting always helps me calm down.  Christian would say I need to do this more, and he’s right – I do! PS – YouTube has some AMAZING videos to guide you if you’re new to this.

Get Outside – It’s amazing what fresh air and sunshine can do.  Honestly – such a gift!

Read a Book – Some may disagree, but for me a healthy distraction can be a great thing. Diving into a great book – fiction, non-fiction or self-help – helps me focus on something else and allows a shift in my thought process.

Attitude of Gratitude – if Oprah said it, you know it’s right.  Concentrate on 10 things you are blessed with – even better, write them down.

“Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.”  John 14:27

Eat Healthy (or even just healthier) – If you’re already down, eating poorly is only going to make you feel good for 10 minutes and bad the rest of the day.  Try a new healthy recipe or challenge yourself to eat whole foods. The natural energy that comes from the right nutrients will surprise you.

If you have anything you go to when you need a lift in spirit, I’d love to hear! Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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26 thoughts on “5 Ways to Beat the Blues

  1. Depression is a ‘MOTHER’!!!! For the past two years, I have been going through something super depressing that only my family and close friends know about. This week it comes to an end. Everyone kept telling me to just trust in God and he will bring you through it. And to which I’m always replying, ‘I feel like I’m not a child of God. All these years I thought I was. He would never let something like this happen to a child of his.’ So needless to say, I’d lost a lot of faith in God because these two years have been extremely hard…esp because I don’t know why this is happening to me. No explanation whatsoever.
    But every once in a while, I always go to him in prayer and ask kim to forgive me for not believing in him and losing faith.

    On a lighter note, last night I wore that Yumi Kim dress (posted today) you had posted last week (I believe). Oh! My! God! That dress is pure perfection! I ate so much last night (something I never do) and still felt beautiful! And your night sounds like it was pretty cool and relaxing!

    Sorry for being so long-winded with this comment!


    1. I know that place, Candy. I’m sad to hear you’ve been struggling, but I think being open and honest with people you trust is a GREAT thing. I think we recognize our faith when we see what we do in times of distress. He’s there for you – and my prayer for you is one day He will reveal some understanding to you to help make sense of these hard times. HUGS to you gf!

  2. Love, love, love, love, love! I’ve also found that taking a run outside is a great mood booster. I can channel all of my emotions into the exercise, and I finish feeling much calmer.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Kathleen thank you for sharing this post! It was such a great read and I know so many of us can relate. I also go outside when I need a minute and have found sweating it out works really well too 😉

  4. Long time follower (I also lol at your snaps on a daily basis!) and first time commenting. Although longer than I expected it to be, 2013-2015 were not that great to me – hated my job, long distance from my fiance, etc. but I always knew I needed to get through those years in order to be where I’m at now. And I’m grateful. Cooking and baking always helped for me!

    And I hate to be THAT girl and ask this during such a post but can I ask what happened to the previous area rug you had in your living room?! I actually have been looking at that same one for a while now but now that you’ve switched, I’m curious to know why/if there was something wrong with it! The current rug I have in my living room sheds more than my Australian Shepherd, so needless to say I’m SO skeptical of buying rugs now!

    P.S. My husband and I went to Santa Barbara over Thanksgiving for an “unconventional” honeymoon to visit family and then went and spent some time by ourselves. We used your recommendations for so many of the places and wineries we went to (we brought back like 18 bottles ha!) Cold Spring Tavern was our favorite dinner during that trip. We had the best time!

    1. Thank you so much for following along (and commenting – I LOVE y’alls comments and feedbacks)! I love that cooking has helped you in a therapeutic way. I love when increasing your skill at a hobby can help you mentally – isn’t that the best?

      No worries! I went out on a limb getting a patterned rug when I’m usually such a solids girl. I eventually just missed my sisal/jute so much I went back. It was just a visual thing for me – the rug itself performed great!

      And I’m SO HAPPY to here that helped you! Isn’t Cold Spring Tavern amazing? Love that you guys went there!

  5. Love this post Kathleen, I couldn’t agree more. We’ve all been there, with life’s many ups and downs, but I find breathing/stretching/exercise, spending time outdoors and slowing down the pace of our busy lives (if possible) the best remedies. Also, your patio looked sooooo beautiful on Snap with all those pretty lights! And I love the greenery in your living room – especially that beauty in the pot by your couch. I need a plant just like this for our living room! Xx

    1. Slowing down – so true! Thank you so much Carly! I’ve become quite the plant lady, most of my plants just come from Lowe’s or Home Depot!

  6. I’ve missed a few posts lately but I’m so glad I caught this one. I’m in my last semester of undergrad, so “stressed, tired, and uncertain” feels like a permanent state sometimes. It’s always encouraging to read stories of people who have been there, done that, and come out the other side. What helps me is to really think about and write out things that I’m thankful for. Even when life is messy and uncertain, there are still so many amazing things in my life that I have to be grateful for. Thanks for sharing, Kathleen!!

    1. I love this. I know that undergrad can be REALLY stressful. Trying to determine your first step out of school can feel overwhelming. It sounds like you have the right attitude though!!

  7. You know when someone comes into your life at just the right moment…enter CBL by Kathleen. I began reading your blog 2 months ago & have been in awe of your ability to touch lives in such a beautiful way. You are not only beautiful (the kind of beautiful that is hard to look at) but you are relatable because of your sweet spirit that shines through in your posts. Thank you for your heartfelt post today, for helping other women realize they’re not alone, & for your offerings of renewal. You’re reminder of John 14:27 helped me regain perspective of God’s unending love & devotion to His purpose for me.

    1. BRANDI! Oh how beautiful and kind your words are. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and share this – you have no idea how much it means to me and how much it MOTIVATES me! Wish I could hug your neck XOXO –

  8. I know this sounds weird but I feel like a lot of feelings of anxiousness, worry, and sadness can come from our attachment to our mobile devices. Putting your phone on airplane mode for 30 min a day or setting designated times to check social media helps so much.

  9. GREAT blog post as usual! I definitely struggle with being blue, especially in the winters here in Tennessee. I also have anxiety and the breathing really does help. I pray for all the blessings I can think of and voice my gratitude. Love watching you and C and Bailey on Snap and the Gram. You are a beautiful young lady and seem to have a beautiful spirit as well. Blessings and hugs to you all.

    1. What a beautiful and sweet comment! Thank you so much for sharing Dawn, you have brightened my day!

  10. I know it sounds superficial but when I’m lacking motivation for LIFE I find that buying myself something makes me feel good and motivates me! This tool could be a little more expensive than going for a run or doing yoga, and can get out of control! But it can be simple like a new gym top, new socks, new lipstick (the list goes on). Something that can add that little pep in your step and get the ball rolling toward happiness. It’s worked for me!

    1. I think there’s NOTHING wrong with this – and I love it. It’s amazing what a little self-esteem lifter can do for our attitudes. I’m the same way – thank you for sharing Elizabeth!

  11. Obsessed with your home decor! Seriously goals! Also love your tips on ways to lift up your spirits when things take a rocky turn. I definitely resonate with spending time outdoors and diving in a great book as a major stress reliever.

    Thanks for sharing!

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