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Truth be told, the gift guides for guys are the ones I’m always paying attention to because I think shopping for guys can be so hard.  Of course, this is depending on the guy, but C is a “less is more” kind of guys which makes shopping for him extra hard.

He has the vest version of this jacket and has worn and loved it for years. I’ve found that it’s preppy-dude-approved across the board.  These slippers were a big win last year, and I bought him these pajamas so when we travel he has something presentable in case someone knocks on the door or we’re staying with friends.

Most guys are on the Yeti-wagon, so these tumblers are really great. I actually recently got one myself and it’s definitely my favorite thermos. I’ve also said this a few times before, but these headphones were a travel game-changer for me. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who spends a lot of time in flight.

This hat just seems appropriate since our last name starts with a “B,” and everyone knows guys like the gadgets so this, this and this would be well received in our house.

Do you have any tips for shopping for dudes? I’ll take any tips I can get this year! Thanks so much for reading and don’t forget you can see all of my holiday content by clicking “holiday” at the top of this site.  XO –

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  1. I can’t tell you how many Yeti tumblers I have bought this year. It is a great/easy gift. I have one and use it all the time. I’m gifting them to several men and women this year.

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