A few gifting ideas for the babies and toddlers in your life – your own, nieces and nephews – whatever ya got.

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I recently bought two pairs of Keds for Hudson and they’re just so classic and cute. I love the bright red!

I think this dollhouse and theater tent are pretty much as cute as they come.  We also have and love this suction plate and keep it in Hudson’s diaper bag when we travel or go to restaurants.  I bought this Yeti tumbler for him after seeing a friend’s kids use them all of the time.  We also have and love this snack cup.

Found this cute little vest for Hudson recently and bought it.  He LOVES a vest.  We also love these pants – they’re super soft on the inside.  Two of these little wiggle bikes will be waiting for Hudson on his birthday, and this (working!) Dyson mini vacuum is waiting for him for Christmas.

We have these jenga blocks and use them for jenga, building things, stacking, making long domino-style lines, you name it.  My nephews loved them so much they had to get their own set after visiting us.  A hit for a wide range of ages!

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