This one took some thought because gifting our parents and in-laws is always a challenge. You want to get them something super special because they deserve it. But what do they not already have because they can treat themselves to anything they really want?

SO below are things that are little luxuries, and maybe even helpful, that I think would make great gifts for parents and grandparents.

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This isn’t the first time the pizza oven showed up this year in a gift guide. Because I would love one but don’t want to actually spend money on it.

I love games and Mexican Train Dominoes is currently top of my game list.

This half zip and matching tapered pants are even better than they look. The material might actually be some % magic.

These photo frames will never get old. A foot massager and warmer or towel warmer? Or electric wine bottle opener? Luxury.

A pretty oil diffuser with some essential oils is a nice gift.

Have you hit it out of the park with parent gifts in the past? Share your tips with the class.

Thanks so much for reading and find more holiday content and gift guides here. Cyber Weekend deals coming this week! XO –

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