We all know Easter weekend is this weekend, but the next thing coming is Mother’s Day in May (5/14). I’m never ahead of schedule anymore it seems, but I thought I would go ahead and dive in with some ideas. Get ahead of it and check it off the list!

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I bought this frame for myself for Christmas, and it’s the gift that gives me gratitude each day. I keep it in the kitchen and upload photos to it almost daily. It’s the best.

Not only do I have and love this mug, but I got one for both sets of grandparents. It’s the happiest mug I own!

I have these sunglasses and this recycled Louis Vuitton leather watch strap. I think both would make great gifts.

I have a friend who said she asked for a new dress for Mother’s Day. I loved that! Why not? I think this dress and this dress would be great picks.

Thanks so much for reading and checking in! XO –

black and white mother and son

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