This is the last day of January – what a BLUR. But I’m going to look to the light and that’s red, pink, hearts, and all the fun Valentine’s Day things.

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I have some holiday-themed spatulas and they are the cutest little things to pull out. I love this ruffled heart baker. How cute is that?

I confess that I bought a large bag of these delicious gummies and I don’t know who loved them more – myself or Hudson. I might need another bag for Valentine’s Day.

This is kept in my car and it’s a daily pick-me-up.

How cute is this simple sweater? I kind of love that it’s not obvious pink and red, making it wearable all season.

I have these pajamas and they’re great. You can’t go wrong with classic red!

Festive socks – too cute.

I try not to hop on too many trends but… I am into these. And I’ve seen them on other and they look so cute and different. What do you think?

I hope our Valentine’s Day is spent with takeout at home. Getting sick + this move has worn me out, I am hoping for some lounge time in February.

Thank you so much for stopping by and more to come! xo –

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