I love champagne, don’t most girls?

I love to celebrate special occasions with some champs, but I never want more than a glass or two and usually end up eventually pouring half the bottle down the drain.

While flipping through a magazine a while back, I noticed the idea of using that extra champagne to make ice cubes – genius!!  You can even pop a cube or two in a glass of white wine, lemonade, the possibilities are endless.

So with half a bottle left, what to do?

Drink it straight up:

Mimosas, anyone?

Or just make more ice cubes because they are perfection.

This could be dangerous.

Pink lemonade with three rosé ice cubes… I like it. Thanks so much for reading! XO –


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13 thoughts on “Champagne Ice Cubes

    1. I think it’s more flat…especially since there’s only one or two cubes in a glass — you can definitely taste that it’s champagne but it’s not as carbonated as a fresh bottle of champs is…does that make any sense?

  1. Girl, I tried these…AMAZING! So random, but I’ve been craving champagne lately and I didn’t want to do a regular mimosa so I used Red Raspberry Lemonade and champagne and then made ice cubes with the leftovers. GENIUS 🙂

    Love love love your blog btw!

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