Hold the phone.  I knew that combining my love for good bread, cheese and truffle oil would be dangerous but I had no idea what I was really getting myself into.  This grilled cheese is slap ‘yo mama good.  It’s eyes-closed-hit-the-table good.  It’s sneak-the-other-half-of-your-husband’s-sandwich-and-eat-it-when-he’s-getting-another-napkin good.

Combined with a fresh summer salad topped with sweet, shredded coconut – I am in summer lunch heaven.  A fruit salad is a fruit salad, I hear you.  In this simple fruit salad, I like to just combine what I have available (plus something fun like mango or pineapple), chop and sprinkle with coconut.

On to the sandwich.  They key here is good bread.  If you use regular loaf bread I don’t think it will hold well when adding the truffle oil at the end…but try it yourself if you dare.

  • a few slices of sourdough (I used a cracked wheat sourdough)
  • some cheese of your preference (I used what I had in my fridge – sharp cheddar, swiss and mozzarella)
  • sliced mushrooms, wiped with a damp towel
  • truffle oil (I used white truffle oil)

Spray a fry pan with vegetable oil spray.  As the pan is warming up, drizzle a small amount of truffle oil on one side of the bread.  Add the cheese and sliced mushrooms, close the sandwich and place in the pan.  Once the bread is looking nice and toasted and the cheese is melted, remove the sandwich and separate the two pieces of bread (this is where hearty bread is convenient), drizzling the truffle oil again over the cheese and mushrooms. Truffle oil can lose its zing if it is heated, so if possible, it’s best to use it right before the dish is served.

I can’t get enough.  Hope you enjoy!  Thanks for reading – XO –

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