Today I’m excited to be teaming up with Pottery Barn to share how I would decorate my dorm room if I had the chance for a do-over!  My own freshman dorm room is kind of a funny story.  The summer before I began my freshman year at Ole Miss (August 8, 2005 to be exact), I competed in Miss Teen USA.  My sister was also getting married the first weekend in September and my brother was about to return from a semester abroad in Australia.  Needless to say, it was a busy summer.

My roommate was my childhood bestie and we were both the youngest of three.  Therefore, our parents were kind of over it and dumped us off in Oxford with our siblings leftovers and a few high fives.  While other parents gave their kids teary goodbye hugs, my mom was more like, “Is it hot in here?  Is there central AC in these dorms?  Ok honey we’ll see you in a few weekends – I paid your cousin Oliver to finish moving you in, bye.”

She wonders why I’m so independent.  Keep in mind my sister’s dorm room (my mom is a very crafty and creative artist) won an award for most fabulous dorm room in her building.

SO, with that being said, I would be thrilled to have a do-over!  If I had the chance to go back, I would go girly all the way. There are only a few times in your life that you can decorate everything exactly how you want it and with the help of your roommate, your dorm room is the perfect opportunity.  I would keep the decor comfortable and neutral and let pillows, throw blankets, photo frames and artwork bring the color.  These dorm accessories from PBdorm are the perfect way to share your favorite items with your roomie, even if you have to communicate via email!

PBdorm offers an exclusive collection of dorm furnishings and essentials designed to help turn your dorm room into your ultimate home away from home. They offer smart storage solutions and unique ways to personalize your space, providing dorm solutions such as multi-functional products and space saving items which are essential in making the most of limited dorm room space.  Remember those closets??  That’s something I certainly don’t miss.  Tragic.

What is your favorite item shared above?  How would you redecorate your dorm room?  Please share your funny move-in stories.  Seriously, don’t keep these from me.  Check out the pinterest board below for more dorm room inspiration.  Thanks so much for reading and don’t forget to go check out Pottery Barn’s dorm collection!  I think I need this trunk and rug for our new townhouse in a bad way.  XO –

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Thank you Pottery Barn for sponsoring this post and reminding me how fabulous dorm rooms can be and how not fabulous my freshman dorm room was.  Can I go back!?

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21 thoughts on “Pottery Barn Dorm

  1. Kathleen, yes your story is full of it…..the truth that is! You may have left off that I did leave a sweet note under your pillow with a sentimental gift…..or did I only do that for your sister? 🙂 So hard to remember!!! So sorry but 2005 really was a busy summer and I made sure the rest of your rooms in college were fit for the queen that you are!!!


    1. I do not recall said sentimental gift.

      It’s never too late though, I accept presents for any occasion.

  2. My roommate and I both changed schools at the last minute, so we were put in the dorm farthest away from everything on campus (freshmen couldn’t have cars, and it was literally a 45 minute walk to the library!). Since we didn’t coordinate, we both showed up with lamps, tvs, mini fridges, etc!

  3. I kind of love your Mom. My freshman year, for some reason I went with “It’ll be fine” attitude and brought very very basics. Needless to say my Mom and I hit up a Marshall Field’s warehouse sale (RIP those were the best) between first and second semester and I made up for my initial attitude.

  4. OMG my mom did the same thing when I moved in! My roommate’s mom was busy helping her unpack and make her bed and my mom just sat there for a few minutes and went home shortly after. I’m just like you…very independent. I asked her later why she did that and she said that it was really hard to let go and knew I like doing things on my own. And I completely agree with you, it would be so fun to have a do-over with my dorm room because I would go ALL OUT this time!

  5. Haha- I love your story and your mom sounds awesome ;). That white trunk is to die for! I would love to see pics of your sister’s dorm room sometime on the blog. XO

  6. Hi Kathleen!

    I’m starting college in the fall–thank you so much for the inspiration! I love the chic-girly style of the dorm you designed. Can’t wait until I design mine.


    1. Camilla – that makes me so happy!!! Please share how you plan to decorate your room!! 🙂 XOXO

  7. Haha I love this! My roommate was my high-school bestie and we spent countless weeks leading up to move-in day color coordinating everything in our room. It was a little excessive but so much fun! If I could go back I would be even more girly as well. Once you get hitched it’s a little harder to get your significant other to embrace the girliness 🙂

    1. Good for you for at least trying to get your dorm room together! It sounds like yours was cute!

  8. This just made me laugh so hard! I’m going to be just like Karen…only my kids only have girl cousins, so I may have to figure out who I’m going to pay to move them in.

  9. Okay, Kathleen… as your roommates MOTHER I’ve got to say that I don’t really remember what your room looked like!!!! I know that your talented mother had some good input….or so I thought! You know, you both turned out pretty darn good, if I do say so myself!! 😉 Love to you.

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