– spending a few days with some fabulous people in Raleigh, NC –

p.s. – That’s fried avocado from The Oxford…not kidding.  Amazing!

– a day at the beach –

– receiving quite an amount of shoes this week – now THAT’S a good week –
L to R front row: Cynthia Rowley | Blush & Bashful Boutique (c/o) | Nike


– getting to know the talented Sarah Wetergren of San Diego behind Bad Bad Jewelry

Sarah is currently running a campaign to help fund her business and shop and the coolest part?  Those who donate will receive a gift with their donation (gifts are determined by donation amount)!  Learn more by watching a short video here and stay tuned for an exciting collaboration.

– Southern California palm trees that never get old –

Hooray the weekend is here!  I was working last weekend in North Carolina, so I’m happy to have this weekend all to myself. Christian and I plan to hit up a local vodka bar (say what!?) with some friends tonight, and I plan to relax at the beach and have some me time.  I will be taking over the instagram account of Willow Boutique (@WillowBoutique) on Saturday – so y’all be sure to check it out!

Sidenote:  I am planning on selling my Canon Rebel T3.  I purchased it a little less than two years ago and it’s in fabulous condition.  I have the original packaging and warranty (even though it was only for a year…I can’t throw anything away – guilty) and am selling it for $300.  It’s been a fabulous beginner camera and is very user friendly – part of my love affair with Canon.  Email me if interested!  kathleen(at)carriebradshawlied(dot)com.

Y’all have a beautiful weekend and as always, don’t forget to enter the Burt’s Bees giveaway and thank you so much for reading! XO –

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  1. Does this mean you’re getting a new toy (a camera)??? If so, spill! I love hearing about people’s camera equipment.

    1. Yes! I sold my Rebel T3 (which I’ve loved – it’s been so good to me!) for a Canon 60D. I’m still going to use my f/1.4 lens! Do you have recommendations?

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