1. Mirrored Coffee Table 2. Chrome-Metal Coffee  Table 3.  Peekaboo Clear Coffee Table  4.  Leather Tufted Ottoman  5. Safavieh Dennis Coffee Table 6. Renate Coffee Table (the one I bought!)


(image via instagram)

A lot of you have been asking about my new coffee table and I wanted to give you all the details!  For a short period of time this tufted beauty was out of stock, but I’m pleased to see it back on the market.

Let’s talk coffee tables, shall we?  For the past year, Christian and I have been using an old cedar chest of his grandfather’s as our coffee table, allowing us to store items inside and make the most use of our small space.  It definitely worked well for us for a little while, but now that we have moved to a larger spot (!!!), we agreed we wanted something more comfortable.

As soon as I started to look online, I was like, whoa there Sally.  I’m not paying $800 for a coffee table that I will inevitably spill sweet & sour sauce on at some point in the near future.  Enter this guide – some of my favorite pics under $300.  We ended up purchasing an ottoman-style coffee table because we both like to prop our feet up and it seemed to best serve what we were looking for, but it was so hard for me to take the plunge because I liked so many!

I hope you find this small guide helpful – let me know if you have questions and tell me – what’s your favorite pick?  What led you to your coffee table and why do you love it (or not love it)?  Thanks so much for reading and sharing!  Don’t forget to enter the Kiki La’Rue givaway!  XO –

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4 thoughts on “Coffee Table Guide

    1. I LOVE a lucite coffee table. I was trying to talk Christian into it but he was set on comfort for feet propping. If you snag it – let me know what you think!! XOXO

  1. It’s perfection! Great choice! Shawn and I are in the process of remodeling as well and I can only dream of home decor! Love this inspiration! XO


    1. I feel like home decorating is a constant cycle but it’s so fun to move/remodel and get inspired. That is until he disagrees with you…then it’s like, “can we just stop arguing and get what I want already!?” 🙂 XOXO

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