Christian and I recently bought some eggs from our neighborhood farmers market and while they sat in my refrigerator, I was trying to think of how the two of us would go through a dozen eggs.  I like a hard-boiled egg occasionally, but other than that and the occasional baking, I don’t really eat them.

I stumbled up this recipe and knew it would be the perfect way to take advantage of these fresh eggs and veggies.  Easy and fresh – it tastes great warm or at room temperature.  It was a great dinner and an even better lunch the next day.

Are y’all big egg-eaters?  If so, what’s our favorite way to cook/serve them?  This is starting to sound like Runaway Bride (remember?), but I’m genuinely curious!

Thanks so much for reading and let me know if you try this recipe! XO –

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11 thoughts on “Spanish Tortilla Recipe

  1. Oh my gosh my husband would absolutely love this!! Thanks so much for sharing – I’ve been on a quiche kick lately and this will be a great change for me!

  2. MMM, I love tortilla espanola!! Love the addition of asparagus. When I studied in Spain, my house mother would make us this to pack for lunches and even weekend trips. We are big egg eaters! My old roommate used to joke that I would make an omelette out of anything (it’s pretty true.) I make “egg in a hole” for John Paul on a regular basis. He says he could live off of them!

  3. Yum! This looks so good, I can’t wait to try it! I love eggs, and eat them all the time. We go through at least a dozen a week because Andrew also eats them every morning before work. Buying from the farmers market makes a huge difference too, they’re SO much better. My favorite are poached for breakfast, but also fried over-medium. Sometimes we’ll add a fried egg on top of a burger, and I make egg muffins for an on the go, easy breakfast! (recipe is on my blog if you’re interested).

    1. Ok THANK YOU for all the great suggestions – they sounds so good!!

  4. Oh yum that looks delish! I was never a big egg eater for the longest time but now I eat poached eggs on toast almost daily and love making quiche too!

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