I wanted to share a peek into our holiday decorations with you guys!  I don’t have a ton of holiday goodies, but what I do have I love, and it reminds me of home.

When Porch.com asked me to share some stories about special decor in my home, I knew exactly what I’d share. These little carolers.  They are special to me because my Dad bought my Mom a caroler every year that completed our family – Mr. and Mrs. Claus, two parents, two girls, one boy and two dogs.  Mom set them out on the buffet in the dining room every year and my sister and I would argue over which girl was who – obviously I wanted to be the one with the fur hand muff.  Now my mom gives Sarah Thorne and I one each year – although she gave me a daughter last year not realizing I don’t have a daughter… but it’s fine, we’ll let it go.  I may have bought a Lula and Bailey for myself.  Mom – if you’re reading, I still need Mr. and Mrs. Claus, hint hint!

Note:  I was showing these to a California coworker and she couldn’t help but hide her facial expression which made me laugh so hard.  She definitely thinks these figurines are super creepy and I get that – they’re not for everyone but they are just sentimental to me!  Kind of like my dad’s unusual gnome collection… another story for another day.


What are some Christmas decorations that are sentimental to you?  Porch.com and I would love to hear.  Share your holiday stories with pieces that are special to you with the hashtag #loveyourhome.  Thanks for reading and sharing.  Merry Christmas, y’all! XO –

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5 thoughts on “Home for the Holidays

  1. Just perfection!!!

    Question: How do you like She&Him? I saw their CD at Cracker Barrel and the name just leaped out at me. I’ve been wondering what type of music they sing and if they’re any good. Let me know!

  2. Your home is so lovely Kathleen! I love all the festive touches – they are all so cozy and beautiful. I think the carolers are super cute, and that sparkly wreath is my fave! Your tree is so simple and beautiful too.

    Carly xo

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