I would wear two sweaters everyday if SoCal would let me.  We had some serious rain recently that brought chilly weather just in time for Christmas.  Even better because last week I chopped several inches off of my hair which means I won’t get the “scarf tangles.”

Every time I wear a scarf with my hair down (or almost any fuzzy sweater for that matter), my hair gets tangled in knots like a six-year-old.  It is a nightmare.  Two years ago in New York I remember showing my parents the aftermath of a coat + scarf + hat – knotted like a dog!!  Do any of you have this problem?  Detangling spray and this brush are my saving grace.  Although I’ve seen people using this kind of brush – do any of you have a detangling tool you swear by?


oxblood cardigan c/o | cowlneck sweater c/o | denim c/o No Rest for Bridget | bag c/o | heels | earrings c/o | lipstick | sunnies | watch c/o | arrow cuff c/o INPink

Thanks so much for reading! Merry Christmas, y’all – XO –
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16 thoughts on “Cozy Winter Outfit

  1. SAME prob w/ the scarf tangles – ugh! I literally get dread locks in the underneath by my neck, they’re such a pain. I swear by the cheap “tangle teaser” (Amazon), which is similar to the 2nd brush you linked to. Love the outfit – great color combos!

    1. Yes I am the same way!! Ok I need to buy this tangle teaser. Consider it done.

    1. Oh my gosh your comment made me smile so big – “delicious,” I love that! XO

  2. I have the same tangle problem!! it’s so frustrating! I use the same detangler as you, but just a regular comb. I’m going to try that crave detangling brush! hopefully, my tangles will cut down a bit when I get a trim next week. love the oxblood!!

    1. I think I need to buy this tangle teaser brush Ann is referencing above. Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone!!! May you forever be tangle-free – XO

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