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It’s already that time of year – can you believe it? I’m still kind of bummed that Christmas decorations are down, BUT I can get down with pink and red any day of the week.  Above are some of my picks that I might be casually hinting to Christian (ok fine, #3, #7, #8, #10 and #14 I already have – but I LOVE them!).

What do you typically do for Valentine’s Day – flowers and dinner or are there presents and chocolates?

Thanks for reading – gift guide for him coming soon (along with some really cheese/embarrassing Valentine’s Day stories and memories, please don’t gag)! XO –

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13 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Her

  1. I’ve been eyeballing that bodycon dress since last year. I’m fighting trying not to get it, but since it is on your list, I’m pulling the trigger! Getting the pink and the black. Great dresses to be worn dressed up or down and with the right accessories, work – to night out!

    1. You go Tracy!! Tell me if you love it when it comes in, I think I need it too! I love the length – I think it will be super flattering on your legs – XO

      1. Couldn’t agree more. If I’m not shy, I’ll snap a photo and send. However you’re the fashionista and guru so I’ll wait for your pic 🙂

  2. Also let me add, I will get some boos, however I have never cared for V-Day. I want a man I’m with to shower me with flowers and/or gifts when it is least expected. When my husband and I started dating, he would bring me flowers just because and still does it to this day. Women deserve that and not just one day a year. BTW – our wedding anniversary is 2/15 so we celebrate in our own way !

    1. You’re not getting ANY boos from me, I completely agree with you. I had a bad day yesterday and actually came home to hot pink roses last night. And in return, I think men deserve the same thing! A delicious candlelit dinner on a Tuesday just because, or a surprise gift for no reason. And what a cute anniversary!! Thanks so much for sharing – loved this comment. XO

      1. Exactly! That is what makes a great relationship, will have good and bad days, but when you have more good days and celebrate each other then love endures!

  3. I spent last years Valentine’s Day flying from San Francisco to Orange County and then went to dinner in a beautiful restaurant. Each table had a couple seated and a few tables had two couples. But one table in the restaurant had a third wheel – actually the only table with an odd number of guest. Guess why? Because YOUR MOTHER crashed your Valentine’s Dinner with your husband! You were both so gracious and poor Christian is probably the only husband who has had his mother in law intrude on his Valentine’s dinner. I promise not to do that again! Thanks C!

    1. Ok I didn’t read who this was from when I first started reading and when I realized it was YOU, I chuckled out loud. That dinner was actually really delicious – and I think we had a fun weekend! XO

  4. Love your choices! I ordered the Monogram bracelet last week. It’s super cute! I’d like to take this opportunity to admit that I have a serious candle hoarding problem. I actually have a candle closet! 🙂 I’ve never seen this particular Diptyque candle. (Baies is my favorite). It’s so beautiful. I’ll be adding it to my Valentine’s Day wish list. This upcoming Valentine’s Day will mark the 5 year anniversary of the day my husband proposed. Looking forward to some ideas for him.
    Have I mentioned how much I am loving your blog? Thanks for the great ideas and inspiration!

  5. First off, I absolutely LOVE your blog! I’m an Ole Miss alum myself (hotty toddy!) and can definitely appreciate the way you mix high and low pieces. Life after college can be rough. Anyways back to the reason I’m writing you, do you have any other suggestions for Marquee letter lights? I’m obsessed but unfortunately Nordstrom is sold out.

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