What girl didn’t love a good tea party growing up?  Whether it’s with empty plastic teacups or your grandmother’s fine china, I feel like tea parties are just as much a staple as playing grocery cashier (or was that just me… I mean those conveyer belts are pretty much the coolest thing ever when you’re six-years-old).  I have some really adorable memories of having high tea in New York, Seaside, Florida and Corona del Mar – scones, tea sandwiches and pages of flavored tea to thumb through (and in Florida we even wore giant hats!).  A friend recently suggested I try Paris in a Cup Tea Room that is actually just down the street, so that is most definitely on my list.

I recently had a day off work, so I decided to have my own little tea party with cinnamon vanilla tea and scones. Personally, I think scones or tea sandwiches, interesting flavors of tea, a tea pot, china, silver and linens are the necessities to an at-home tea party.  I used this simple scone recipe and substituted craisins rather than raisons.

If only I could have had one of my nieces over!  And if my curly-headed niece (I have a blonde curly-haired niece, a brunette niece and a redheaded niece – so we’ve got it all!) had come over, I would have totally left the raisons in because the curly-headed one is a real big fan of that little red Sun-Maid box.

Pinky up, friends!





tea-party how-to-host-a-tea-party

Have you ever had afternoon tea?  What was it that made it so special?  Thanks for reading and sharing! XO –


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13 thoughts on “Hosting a Tea Party

  1. Your tea party looks wonderful! My mother and I took my daughter to high tea at the Ritz years ago and we really enjoyed it. Now that she will be turning 13 I should probably take her again…yes what girl doesn’t love a good tea party and scones.

  2. Omg. This is so cute. I totally have memories of having tea parties also! There was this place in my hometown called “grandma’s play house” and we had tea and goldfish and all got to dress up for the tea party. It was my favorite thing to do on the weekends. This is a really great idea for a Valentine’s day party with some gal pals! Thanks for sharing!
    xx Tessa

  3. I love this! I have a crazy obsession with China and pretty tablescapes. And, so glad I wasn’t the only child with dreams of running a cash register 🙂 Dream big, right!? Sadly, I never got my opportunity to work in retail. Ha.

    1. Oh I wanted to be a GROCERY cashier. I’ve worked in retail clothing, but nothing sounds better than having unlimited access to Cheetos and Diet Coke, am I right!?

  4. I thought I was the only weird kid in the whole world with big grocery store dreams! Ha! It is actually documented in my Kindergarten “yearbook” that I wanted to be a grocery store worker when I grew up…. Haha aim high, right?!
    Love the tea! If you ever get the chance to visit the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia (like 1 hour from DC & aka “America’s Resort”), they have an absolutely gorgeous afternoon high tea! Very fancy 🙂

  5. My first ever ‘real’ tea was at Three Generations in Starkville, and this Christmas I got to experience The Plaza for the first time!(That tea was seriously on my bucket list- we even got the champagne!) I know these scones are going to be heavenly, can’t wait to try them! You are the best!

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