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It’s all about the shoes this week! I know everyone has these beauties, and I mean… it’s because they’re perfect. A spring and summer nude heel staple, I think they will go with everything.  Pinks and corals are on my mind, but it could be because I’m in a tropical paradise in a coral bikini drinking out of coconuts…

That was rubbing it in, right?  Don’t be too jealous, I’ll be back in my cubicle in my bouncy chair yelling at my computer (per usual) in a week!

Lace up sandals and tassels are my obsession – nothing new there!

What’s on your wish list?  Are you lace up sandal, tassel and pink/coral addicted like me? Thanks for reading y’all – XO –

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9 thoughts on “Wednesday Wish List

  1. Love your picks Kathleen! Especially that tassle necklace. Love!! Just an FYI, I have those TopShop pink pumps and they run about 1/2 size small. I had to exchange mine. The perils of having what I call “Retail Feet”. Lol

  2. OK, I clicked on the ‘bouncy chair’ and was perplexed at what I saw. Please explain, What in the world is it and its purpose?!? Is this something I need to invest in?

    1. I use this chair at work rather than your typical swivel desk chair. You just sit on the bouncy ball and if you need to roll anywhere, it rolls on the wheels!

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