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Since I’m still on Whole30 and can’t have sugar I thought… why not torture myself and do a Valentine’s Day candy roundup? That makes sense.

What’s a Hallmark holiday without candy? My favorite part of Valentine’s Day is probably binge-eating the very specific double decker box of assorted chocolates I request every year.  I’m not kidding – there are two qualifications – that it is assorted (obviously) and that there are two layers of chocolates.  I don’t even want jewelry or anything fancy, I want the candy.

I can’t describe the happiness I have when I start cramming these delicious treats into my mouth and inevitably start getting a little sad to see them go so quickly… only to remember there’s a WHOLE SECOND LAYER waiting to be devoured.  The joy!

Christian made the mistake of getting me a single layered box of non-assorted chocolates several years ago and to his dismay I punched my finger in all of them like a twelve year-old to confirm that they all had to the same filling (who even eats those plain soft ones? Let’s be serious).  I think I scarred him for life, so now he’s aware of the passion I have for the double decker sweets on February 14th. We laugh every time I think about it – but I mean, every guy who’s ever had a girlfriend should realize that you don’t mess with a girl and chocolate.  Just let it happen.

That’s enough of my rambling for one day! If you have a Valentine’s food memory, please share it. Seriously – you’ll make my day! Thanks so much for reading, and you can check ouit my gift guide for him and her if you’re in the shoppin’ mood. XO –

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5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Sweets

  1. Okay, Pez’s bring back sooo many memories. I had so many of the dispensers! I’m big on dark chocolate as a whole, and you can never go wrong with a giant drizzled popcorn tin (in my opinion).

    Alyssa | Glitter and Grey

  2. I’m with you on the double-decker chocolates! See’s soft centres are my personal favourites! But I also love to make molten chocolate cakes for the whole family for V-Day!

    And hey, you’ll be done with Whole 30 by V-Day!

    Last thing, I sent you a message on snapchat before realising that you had to actually follow me to get it (which I don’t expect you to do!). Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy you on snapchat. You always make me laugh and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pets! : )

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