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Christian and I knew when we moved into our townhouse that we would take full advantage of our patio. There was a blooming bougainvillea bush there from the beginning, and we honestly treat the space like an additional room of our home.

SO, I wanted to share our 7 must-have items for a summer bbq, including the newly released Seven Daughters Moscato cans!

canned wine

1. Grillin’ skills.

Someone has to be on grilling duty (preferable a person who takes pride in it so it won’t feel like a party chore).  Christian really loves being in control of the marinade and grilling, so if you’re at our house – he knows this is his role!  We have a small gas grill that is great for what we need, and if you’re new with this, there are all kinds of helpful videos (trust me, we’ve watched some of these before)!

gas grill

2. Beverage Selection.

A great drink selection is just as important as the food in my book (sometimes I’d even say it’s more important, depending on the crowd!).  Seven Daughters has always had a great selection of twist-top wines, which is great for hosting or gifting a hostess because there are no tools required to open it. Nothing is worse then someone getting half a cork stuck in a great bottle of wine!

Now they’re offering wine in a can (comes in a pack of four), and they are perfect for a picnic, beach trip or if you know one person will want a glass of white wine while the rest are drinking red, etc. They offer Moscato and Pinot Noir in the can and the Moscato is perfect for summer!

carrie bradshaw lied home

3. Great apps.

Everyone like a little nosh, so setting out some apps from the beginning is a welcoming touch.  I usually try to serve something a little bit on the healthier side so people don’t overeat before the main course!

easy guacamole

4. Music.

A great playlist and portable speakers (we’ve been using these for the past few months, and they really are the best) can direct the vibe of a get-together, and C’s go to is usually a Pandora station called “hip hop bbq.” I cannot make this up.  If I’m in control of the music, it will probably be something more like Jack Johnson for a relaxed crowd or Jamiroquai for a livelier crowd.

bose speakers

5. Games.

My family has always loved any kind of group game, and it’s a great way to bring people together and talking to new people.  Scrabble, cards and dominoes are great options – but everyone loves cornhole if you have the space!

kathleen barnesdominoescarrie bradshaw lied patio

6. Candles and/or Bistro Lights.

I really think that some twinkle lights and candles add so much to the ambiance of space. We had both of these at our garden wedding ceremony, so they always bring back the warm and fuzzies! Plus they just make any space feel more cozy.

large lantern

7. Blankets.

Someone is going to get cold, so a few blankets lying around lets everyone stay comfortable without feeling like the have to ask for something to keep warm!

lulu and georgia blanketpatio of carrie bradshaw lied

tunic dressearrings | similar chairs (on sale!) | blanket, also love this one | similar table here (on sale!) | hanging lantern, also love this one | similar glass lanterns here and here | outdoor rug | bistro lights

If you have any outdoor bbq favorite items that I missed – I’d love to hear! Thanks so much for reading and happy summer, friends – XO –

Brought to you by Seven Daughters Wine

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21 thoughts on “7 Must-Haves for a Summer BBQ

  1. Your “hip hop bbq” is hilarious, but totally appropriate. We created a Spotify playlist for Mother’s Day when we had the entire family over and we called it “Party for Mom.” Haha.

  2. The comment about the “Hip Hop Bbq” station is hilarious because that’s what my husband (and most of our guy friends) like to play at a party/get together! Maybe it’s a Southern thing 😉 (We live in Charlotte, NC)- but I’m exactly like you because I usually go with something a little softer like Jack Johnson or John Mayer- depending on the crowd of course!

    Absolutely love your set up outside! We are moving to a new place in a couple of weeks (can’t wait) so I am excited to decorate a new space and we plan to put up string lights outside as well!

    Great post! You look gorgeous as always!

    1. HAHA oh my gosh that is so funny, I love that! Lights can make a space so dreamy – I hope you have so much fun decorating (I love that part)!

  3. I absolutely love your ourdoor set-up! So cute and colorful! I think I am going to buy the rug you have and try to spruce up our outdoor seating area!


  4. I’m having some serious bougainvillea envy! I’ve been trying to grow mine for a few months and all I have is a few green leaves. I might just have to come to terms with not having a green thumb and stick to succulents. Do you have any bougainvillea tips??

    P.S. I love your blog and your snapchat stories crack me up every. single. day.

    1. I wish I had some tips for you! This beauty was already fully grown when we moved in. I’ve asked the homeowner if she wants me to fertilize it or anything, but she said no – just let it be! And thank you for the love – honestly – it means so much to me!

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