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It’s on! I have my Nordstrom Debit card ready (I love this card because it pulls straight from your checking out, leaving you no extra bill to pay), and I’m so excited to share my picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for those with early access! No card? No worries – the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale dates are:

         Early Access for Card Holders: July 14 – July 21

         Public Access: July 22 – August 7

So there’s plenty of time for everyone to shop!  I think the important things to remember with the NSale are:

  1. It’s for brand-new products, both summer and fall (great to time to get ready for the months ahead – think back-to-school shopping!).
  2. Know that you can still return it if it doesn’t work.  I’ve ordered dresses in two sizes, booties in two sizes, etc., just to make sure I get the perfect fit (I’m always in between two sizes in dresses and shoes)! You can always send back the pair that doesn’t work and you won’t be kicking yourself later.
  3. Search by designer.  If you know your favorite brands, bee-line to those first!
  4. Think ahead. What did you really wish you had last year? A great pair of riding boots you didn’t snag? The perfect cocoon coat? Now is your change to get that item at a fraction of the price – take advantage!

SO, without further jabbering, I’m excited to share my “best of” by category! Not going to lie, I’m a little embarrassed how late I stayed up putting this together, but I wanted to have the full scoop for you guys!  I will be continuing to share my picks until the sale ends August 7th, and you can find all of my NSale posts at the top navigation bar of this site for quick access.

Best of Denim & Pants:


Best of Tops:


Best of Handbags:


Best of Accessories:


Best of Outerwear:


Best of Dresses & Skirts:


Best of Shoes:


Best of Beauty:


Extra Goodness:


Thanks so much for reading! Check back in this weekend to see what I bought from the sale. XO –

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12 thoughts on “BEST OF Nordstrom Anniversary Early Access

    1. Honestly I only remembered to do it this year! So there’s always time for the NEXT sale!

    2. I work for Nordstrom and you still have time to apply for a card! Things are going super fast so I would recommend getting one– you can do it online or in-store with any salesperson! Happy shopping! 🙂

  1. I for one am SUPER excited that you stayed up to do this! I was wondering what your favorite picks were/ if you were going to get it up for this morning. I actually shopped the sale yesterday and had already grabbed some of your picks- so cute! Thanks for all your work in putting this together, this sale is my favorite!

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