breakfast in bed

– waking up on my birthday to breakfast in bed –

pink bougainvillea

– trying to figure out how I could smuggle all of this bougainvillea to my patio –

palm print two piece swimsuit

– a mid-week pool day –

water mister

– the sweetest water mister from my friend Miriam, perfect for me because I’ve become the plant lady! –

two tier oreo cake recipe

– this year’s birthday cake, a cookies ‘n cream cake from C (and seriously y’all, it’s soooo good!) –

You guys… am I a brat if I am so sad this week is over? Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like I soaked up the birthday love extra this year.  This is the first year that I had a birthday when I worked from home… so it meant that I could do whatever I wanted to. All day. What!? That alone is the best gift I could have asked for! I woke up early to work in the morning so I could read by the pool all afternoon.  Last year (while I loved my job and coworkers, no doubt about it) I was sitting at a desk with a bunch of spreadsheets.

Chase your dreams, y’all. Chase ’em hard.

BUT one of the highlights of the week hands down was the delicious cake made by my sweet.  He bakes me a cake every year and this year it was just as delicious as last year’s!  And there are leftover Oreos that have to be eaten. Everyone wins.

Christian is working this weekend so I’ll be working as well and trying to get ahead.  I realized this week that for the month of August I’ll have guests in town or be traveling all but 8 days… so I should really appreciate this downtime in July while I have it.

Also, I was featured in this Q&A for BLND PR which is an interesting peek behind-the-scenes of CBL if you’re interested in checking it out!

Last but not least, The Real Housewives of OC is back on so I mean – Monday’s are great again. I’m really digging the new gal, Kelly.  She’s funny, blunt and a little crass. Honestly I like the whole cast right now – although Shannon probably makes me laugh the most. “Bring it, sista!” Do you guys watch the show? Who’s your favorite? Oh! And RHONJ too! I literally shed tears when Theresa first came home. You know Andy Cohen watched that and was level 10 excited to record that moment. So emotional.

I hope y’all have a beautiful weekend – thank you so much for all of the birthday love. I love you guys!! XO –

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20 thoughts on “Friday’s Five

  1. Enjoying your blog. You are beautiful inside and out.
    Happy Birthday.
    Dot Reichle

  2. RHONJ…omg when the youngest jumped onto Theresa and you could hear her little baby cry. Killed me. Shannon Beador and her judgy eyes are hysterical. I am so thankful for Andy Cohen and for the fact that there are so many RH series now that I can basically watch it all year long!

    1. I must admit, it brings me much comfort to know I’m not the only one who seeks such joy in RH franchise!! Shannon’s facial expressions make me literally LOL. I hope she never changes!

  3. Breakfast in bed looks heavenly! Where is the cute tray from?
    Not ashamed to admit that I just broke down and got hulu so I can watch housewives at all times. I’m loving re-watching the older seasons, especially NJ and NY!

  4. I am loving RHOC! I cried too watching RHONJ. I love that C makes you a cake every year… going to have to tell my hubs to step up his game. HAHA

  5. I literally LIVE for the housewives! Shannon, Vicki, and Tamra taking the “fireballs” last year was the best. So glad they are back in action to whoop it up. I’m getting full use of my DVR right now with 3 seasons airing at the same time #priorities

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