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Today I’m sharing my tips for incorporating fall into your home decor with Seven Daughters Wine (and it doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a bunch of stuff).  Because who doesn’t love a little vino while decorating!?

Especially since I’ve lived in California, bringing some seasonal changes into your life largely depend on choice, as we all know that we kind of have one season out here. The temperature has definitely dropped in our neighborhood lately, so we have had all the windows and doors open again – it was magic after a hot summer! AND it made pulling out these fall decor elements that much more fun.

SO, let’s get into it, shall we? Some of my favorite ways to add some seasonal touches in our home without breaking the bank –

1. Add some fur. It’s no secret I love faux fur, and a heavy fur blanket and/or some pillows add a warm and rich element to any room. I love these Mongolian fur pillows, this blanket makes its way all throughout our house, and I found some rabbit fur throw pillow cases (repurposed from a vintage jacket) on Etsy years ago that I still move in different rooms depending on my mood!

three legged cat white mongolian fur throw pillow rabbit fur pillow

2. Toss some chunky blankets in the mix.  I am somewhat of a blanket hoarder – I can never have too many! Adding a chunky knit blanket to a sofa or chair instantly adds some coziness to any space.

beige knit throw blanket seven daughters wine gray and white blanket carrie bradshaw lied home labrador retriever sleepingdecorative ladder

3. Add candles or diffuse essential oils – I love fir, orange and lemon. You can find other fall blends here! I’m also going to tell you my money-saving candle secret… I often buy my candles at Big Lots. They’re around $5, and you can buy several so that you don’t feel like you have to save your candles for the evenings or weekends. I have oils diffusing or candles burning pretty much all day and night. I love them (and so do pet owners).

essential oil diffuser bringing fall into your home decor

4. Add a wreath, it doesn’t have to be on the front door. Don’t get me wrong, I also love a front door wreath, but there are all kinds of beautiful decorative wreaths you can hang in your home (temporarily or permanently, like this one or this one), along with several DIY ones. I made the one below with leftover wedding programs from our wedding (tutorial here – and be prepared to laugh at the photo quality of this blog four years ago)!

making a paper wreath seven daughters

5.  Layer in some wooden accents. An accent tray here or a wooden bowl with fruit there.

antiqued serving tray wooden coasters

6. Put in a fireplace DVD – I’m serious! Sadly I haven’t had a fireplace in three or so years, so I bought this dvd as “kind of” a joke at first… and then I fell in love with it. They have multiple videos (campfire, modern fireplace, classic, etc.), and listening to the fire crackle is so relaxing.  Christian and I put this dvd in on Saturday and he fell asleep on the sofa like it was a sound machine.  Watch a clip example here, and tell me what you think!

digital fireplace fireplace dvd

7. Pour a glass of red wine or make a fall sangria. I love a crisp white wine in the summer, but as soon as the temperature drops I’m all for a rich red wine. Seven Daughter’s Rich Red Blend is one of my go-to’s for fall and winter. What is better than a blanket, real (or faux) fire and tall glass of red wine? Not a thing. Especially when The Affair comes back on soon… I am addicted to that show!

pinot noir


You can check out more of my home in the home category of this site (including this recent room makeover).  I also think adding decorative birch branches (like these), cranberry branches (Trader Joes always has them!), and white or gray pumpkins can be great fall touches. For the bedroom, swapping out the quilt at the foot of the bed and tossing in some fur pillows can be nice touches too.

Would love to hear any of your favorite ways to subtly decorate for fall without breaking the bank! Thanks so much for reading – XO

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22 thoughts on “7 Ways To Bring Your Decor Into Fall

  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful ideas! I live in South Florida and we pretty much have two season; the “very hot” season and the “pleasantly hot” season so I’m always looking for ways to incorporate the four seasons into my decor. My favorite is the fireplace CD, the faux fur and the fall sangria (cocktail party on the horizon). Thanks again and I really enjoy reading your blogs.

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback, Angela! Like, who knew a fireplace cd could bring so much happiness?!

  2. This just got me SO excited for Fall! It’s my favorite season and I cannot wait for it to cool down here.

    Charlotte is starting to have cooler mornings and evenings, but I love when it’s perfectly crisp outside and you need to add extra layers- the best! 🙂

  3. I’m planning to put out all my fall decorations this weekend. Thanks for some great inspiration! I never thought to bring my fur blanket out this early, but it looks great. I’m also planning to add a fall wreath to our door this year.

  4. I love your decorating style! All the feminine details along with the neutral color scheme go so well together. Fall scents are definitely my favorite way to bring the season into my home. Thanks for sharing! BTW…I love that ocean print in your living room, with the rocks and waves…where did you get it?

  5. The blankets are such a great touch, especially when being paired with the added wooden decor pieces.
    I am a HUGE smell person! I love when a home feels like a home and smells like it. So I am always stockpiling candles for any occasion. Plus in an emergency it’s good to have a few on hand.


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