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Simplifying is a topic that I am always striving to have more of.  I confess, I’m a lover of all my “things,” and while I think material possessions can bring you joy, they shouldn’t be the source of your happiness. My sister is a minimalist, and I’m constantly amazed at how easily she can toss something that doesn’t serve a purpose or bring her joy (she is one of those Marie Kondo converts).

Today I’ve teamed up with Seven Daughters Wine to share 7 of my own tips for de-cluttering and simplifying your home while still holding onto those cherished items that decorate your space.  You can create a new, fresh space for the new year – the perfect time to tidy up!  Scroll down to see my tips –

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1.  Trying keeping your side tables as tidy as you can. Christian has helped me stick to this! It’s so easy to clutter up all of your counter space with picture frames, knickknacks and so on, but the things you actually need are a lamp and a coaster. Keep these side tables as clean as you can for a neat, polished look.

2.  You don’t have to have anything on the coffee table.  For the longest time I felt like I always had to have a tray or books on the coffee table. Actually, you don’t have to have anything.  If there are side tables with coasters, you can free up your coffee table to prop your feet up. C helped me pick out this coffee table years ago for this exact purpose!

3.  Try vertical storage.  I have used this ladder that my mom made for storing blankets since college. I love that it is decorative, but also practical.  I once read someone say, “if it doesn’t have multiple purposes in our home, it goes.” A good motto to decorate by!

4.  Commit to a color scheme.  To simplify a space, it’s great to commit to a color scheme or layout. For our living space I chose shades of white and blue.

5. If your bookshelves look too cluttered, reverse the paper covers.  I saw a interior designer on Instagram with built-in bookshelves in her bedroom. All of the books had clean, white, covers and the overall look was clean, yet cozy.  If you’re worried about not knowing which book is which, you can write the title in the same location in a fine black pen.

6.  Keep the kitchen table clean.  Centerpieces are great for  festive dinners, but the rest of the time I try to keep our breakfast room table clean. It encourages us to use the table not just for eating, but also working, reading or enjoying a glass of wine.

7.  Try to tidy up your bedside table. This is of course very similar to #1, but the same rule can be applied to your bedside table.  If you have some drawers or closet space to store your knickknacks, it’s very calming and serene to keep your bedside table as tidy as possible.

And afterwards you can pour yourself a glass of wine and toast to your fresh space! I am certainly not the expert on simplifying (although I wish I was!), but it’s something I’m always working on! If you have any of your own tips, I’d love to hear.  Thanks so much for reading! XO –

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  1. Your home is so beautiful!
    I’m definitely a minimalist… If I don’t use something I get rid of it. I cannot stand for or things being left out… Little ocd! But a clean comfy home is my sanctuary.

    1. Aw thanks Brandi! Yes I’ve seriously LOVED this ladder – this one is homemade, but there are lots of cool affordable ones online!

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