best buys of 2016

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1.  I have two Louis Vuitton Keepalls, and they really are the ultimate travel companion (no offense, Christian). I love bringing them on our West Coast road trips, and I know they are bags that I will treasure for a long time. If you want to shop a pre-loved version, The Lady Bag is my go-to (more on my experience here).

2.  I just bought this belt in Paris last week, so maybe it’s technically 2017, but let’s let that slide. I resisted the urge to buy this belt for quite a while because I felt like every blogger had it… but I caved. I know I’m going to wear it for years to come, and I have no regrets (plus I got a little discount thanks to the euro to usd conversion!).

3.  I bought these on a whim in the fall, having no idea that I would wear them almost daily. I have been wearing the Aviator shape for so long that this round version was a fun twist.  Love the other colors too!

4.  These designer look for less kitten heels really add sophistication to any ensemble. I have been telling my mom to get a pair!

5.  The best everyday bra. Period.

6.  It took me a while to buy a denim jacket but this one can be worn with basically everything. I don’t know why I waited so long!

7.  Christian surprised me with this ring for our 4th wedding anniversary, and I wear it almost every day.  It’s such a beautiful statement piece, and I have the matching earrings from college!

8.  I’ve wanted this brush for years but I felt silly spending that much on a hairbrush. I asked for it for Christmas and received it from my parents… and it’s heavenly. My hair gets so tangled, and this combs through it like butter. I am officially in love.

9.  I’ve loved this scarf so much I bought it in pink for my mom as a Christmas present! It’s just the most fun. I love the gray version!

10. A birthday gift from my sweet! I love our memories of hunting down this bag (a dream of mine for almost 10 years), and while I know C was rolling his eyes majorly on the inside, on the outside he was very supportive and sweet to fulfill the dream I’ve wished for for… a decade.  I store it on a dresser where I can always see it from the bed! HA – it’s like my love story to a handbag. Ridiculous, I’m fully aware… but it’s the truth!

11. Like probably every girl my age, I had a pair of Uggs in college. A pink pair no less! When I graduated they went in the dumpster along with some of my Nike shorts I lived in, so when I considered buying a new pair this year I didn’t know if I could take the plunge. I live in a townhouse where I have to leash and walk Bailey every time I let her out, so half the year I throw on flip flops and the other half of the year I’m looking for something a little warmer for our 7AM strolls (yes – I’m always in a robe, #keepingitclassy).  I bought this pair and am almost embarrassed how much I love them.

12. I found this wallet discounted at Gilt, so I bought it for myself… having no idea how happy it would make me! I mostly buy neutral bags, so pulling out this happy, hot pink wallet always brings a smile to my face.

13. Similarly, when I recommend this small coin purse for travels here I thought, I actually need this. The compact I use to store cash & cards when I travel doesn’t have a zipper, so it means spare change is swimming around in my crossbody bag. I took this one to London and Paris and it was perfect!

SO, I’d love to hear what some of your favorite closet additions were in 2016! If you liked this post and would be interested in seeing a home decor or beauty version, let me know and I can work on that! Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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18 thoughts on “13 Favorite Closet Additions of 2016

  1. Love this post, Kathleen! Those are some pretty fab items! Here’s to equally or even more exciting finds in 2017! 😉


  2. I love these kinds of posts! It’s nice being able to hear what people love after they’ve been able to properly test-drive them for a significant period of time. Would definitely be up for a beauty and home version!

    1. I think it depends on how much you pack/personal preference – I like the small and medium (or at least that’s what I have and I like them!).

  3. I love your blog! I have been a longtime reader and just saw (and obsessing over) your LV Keepall with the coral/pink/peach monogram and stripe. Can I ask where/how you got that style monogram? I think you seem like the real deal, a genuinely sweet and kind person, and I just wanted to let you know that 🙂 Thanks in advance for your help so I can copycat 😉

    1. That’s actually a custom decal that you can find on Etsy (I bought it years ago). I have several LV pieces and was so bummed to discover you can only have them monogrammed when they’re purchased (not after the fact). Hope that helps!

  4. I bought a pair of flat, knee high gray boots from modcloth to replace a beloved pair from a shoemaker in Italy. I didn’t think they could be an adequate replacement but they are! Also black leather ballet flats from Balletinas. Classic, comfortable, durable. I’m on my feet all day at work so I’m a fiend for quality footwear.

    1. I’ve only had it a few days, but by reading ALL of the reviews it convinced me. I would recommend reading some of the reviews online!

  5. I totally know how you feel about wanting that Chanel bag as a #lifegoal. Did anyone else watch the TV show Samantha Who with Christina Applegate? She always carried the same white/beige quilted Chanel bag and I would consider my life complete if I could ever own one like hers =)

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