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Some of you may have seen a little video I shared on Saturday with some exciting news… we are expecting our third child in September!

The response was so tender and sweet. I am beyond touched by so many beautiful things you guys have shared with me. Christian and I are both one of three children (he is the middle and I am the youngest), and I think we always left a little space for one more child.

The boys will be 2.5 and 4 (almost 5!) when their sibling is born… so I’m biting off more than I can chew, but my sincere hope is that we will have a few foggy years of full hands and then their closeness in age will pay off as they get older.

My brother, sister and I are two years apart, making for some really fun childhood memories and tight adult relationships. We tend to go through life stages around the same time and that has built camaraderie that feels unique and special. I’m grateful my parents did that for us, even though I’m sure they were exhausted when we were little!

We are so thankful the Lord has trusted us with another Barnes baby, and after around many months of serious fatigue and nausea, I’m really starting to feel a lot better! I’m now almost halfway there, and while I may not be feeling as great as I did with Hudson, I do feel better than I did with Theo. So I’ll take it!

Thank you so much for experiencing all of these precious life milestones alongside us. I can’t express in words how supported and loved I have felt through many of my life’s peaks and valleys. As well as realizing that so many of you have been experiencing similar things as well. It’s the most interesting and cool feeling, and I am endlessly grateful.

Here we go again – we are excited! More to come –

And PS – it’s a girl. 😉 XOXO –

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  1. Omg ! I don’t usually comment on your blog, but I had to leave a CONGRATULATIONS! I couldn’t help but grin so wide when I read your post. I love love love ‘big’ families (I’m one of 4). God is so good and what a blessing. Your family will be full of love.

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