I have been seeing so many cute things at great prices lately (hello Old Navy – talking to you), so I wanted to round up a list of summer picks under $150.

Granted, a lot of these items are even under $50 (!!), but let’s get into it. Click on the item or find its associated number below the collage –

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I have this dress in multiple colors and I am seriously into them. Worth it. See it in video here.

I have at least four sarongs from this brand, and I just love them. I wear them both to the pool/beach + as skirts during regular days with a tank. They are fabulous! You can see one I recently styled here.

I also bought this dress in three colorways. It’s easy, breezy, has pockets, and is on sale. What else does one need? See it in action here.

I have had my eye on this top and if I didn’t have a growing bump, I would buy it. I love the tie-front element!

I have this striped vest and pant, so cute. You can see it in motion here. I love the red version of the vest too!

Thank you so much for checking in and reading! Talk soon – xo –

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