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New house, same city!

The home we are currently living in has been our home for 4.5 years. I love this house, and it was the first home we purchased for our family, before Hudson had been born. I don’t know that we necessarily thought it was our “forever home,” but it has been a dream come true for me. I’ll never forget how I felt moving into this house… pinch me.

With that being said… I was not looking to move. But I am the kind of person who takes advantage of opportunities when they cross my path… and so is Christian. Twice before there have been housing situations that came up that we explored. However, during those times we both felt like it wasn’t the right move for our family.

This time, a home was presented to us and we thought, “let’s check it out… but I hope we don’t like it because this isn’t a great time to move for many reasons.”

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Well… we loved it. The timing was mid-fall and together we decided to put in an offer. But we didn’t have the passion or energy to counter back and forth, so we put it to rest and moved on.

Or did we move on?

Christian kept thinking about the house for sale and after a little convincing, he encouraged me to put all our chips in and list our house. I had very mixed feelings about it. I have slowly been working on this house for many years and just this year thought, “I’m finally done for now until we add on xyz in a few years.”

After four days we had a several offers and that’s that.

There were so many dominoes that had to fall perfectly into place, and it was so layered that I truly put it in God’s hands. If this is the right thing for our family, please let it work out. If not, we are just fine staying put.

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So now we have closed on both houses and are moving in a few short weeks. I am so happy to be able to share this now because it has kept us very busy, on top of work + the holidays. I feel like I was doing the least in my business because with the holidays, kids and spontaneously buying/selling houses I was simply trying to stay above water.

I feel relieved to share what had me doing the least compared to years past! I hope the gift guides were still helpful to you guys and this move will soon be behind us and my creative wheels will begin to turn again.

While I will deeply miss this house, our first to call our own, I know this is the right choice for our family. And I’m looking forward to sharing the design process with all of you! Thank you so much for checking in and I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year! xo –

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11 thoughts on “We Bought a House!

  1. Congratulations! Buying a house is no small feat and to add selling one to the mix, too, around the holidays – Phew! I cannot wait to see what you share about your design process in your new home. Wishing y’all lots of luck! You got this

  2. This is so exciting! I absolutely adore your “old” house and have no enjoyed watching along as you make it your own and a really special home for your family. We never know what the future holds and I think it keeps us on our toes to be open to new opportunities when they present themselves. Congratulations! I for one am thrilled to be along for the journey to watch as you make another wonderful house and incredible home. Also so pumped for the pickleball court! You are living my dream! Xoxo

  3. Congratulations on your new home, looking forward to all your pic’s… Happy New Year to you all!!!!

  4. Congratulations!!
    I’ve loved how you transformed your old home. I can’t wait to see how you decorate the new house.

  5. I remember the issues with the front door! It is a beautiful house and I’m excited to see your new one. I’m a long time follower/rare poster since your Orange, CA days! 🙂

  6. Phew I’m exhausted reading about the last couple of months of your life! Allow yourself grace with the moves and all life has going for you. Can’t wait to see how you transform the new home!

  7. Can you share your tips for packing and moving? Particularly this time with young children?
    We’re moving in 2 weeks and I am panicking!

    1. Truthfully, our move was really hard and I don’t think I have any tips worth sharing. It was ROUGH. I wish I had more encouraging info to share!

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