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I’ve become quite the plant-lover over the past few years, and a question I get often from you guys is how I keep my indoor plants alive.  I also get questions about pet-friendly plants, but somehow our two pets never get into the plants so I would recommend asking your vet if that is a concern.

Somehow I manage to keep all of my indoor plants alive while my outdoor plants tend to suffer a little more, but nonetheless I’m happy to share what I’ve learned!

Our fiddle leaf fig tree (an anniversary gift from C several years ago!) got sunburnt back in late May after it had to sit outside during a mandatory termite fumigation from our HOA. Sad times. It’s bounced back pretty well but you’ll see some of the burnt leaves that are still lingering around.

1.  I keep all of our plants near a window.

We have three plants downstairs and all have a home near window. When you find a spot and your plant is doing well, do yourself a favor and leave it there. If you don’t feel like it’s thriving after a few weeks, try another spot.  I’ve moved them around before when they were already doing well, and I always regretted it!

2.  Rotate your plants as needed.

You’ll see our fiddle leaf loves the sun and we try to rotate it if we notice it leaning in too much toward the window on one side. We’re working to balance her out now –

3.  Don’t overwater!

I water ours once a week, but they say you can also touch the soil and when it’s too dry, add some water. When in doubt, better too little water than too much.

I also love these tips.  When Christian brought our fiddle leaf fig he asked the man who sold it to him for tips, and that was also really helpful. If you still feel like you’re a plant killer, there are tons of alternative options to bring some of that greenery and life to your space. I love flowers, clipping greenery from outside or these roses in a box that last up to a year (seriously – mine are from January!).

And then there are faux plants. I have a small potted faux plant on our bar cart. I also wanted a plant in our upstairs office but I didn’t think it would get enough light, so I added this faux fiddle leaf fig and we LOVE it. Talk about zero upkeep, and it’s a beaut (scroll down for a photo of it at the end of the post)!

sleeping yellow labhow to keep your indoor plants alivewhite hydrangeaswhite roses in a boxtaking care of indoor plantspumpkins on a stemslipcovered dining chairspotted plant in basketannie sloan chalk paint decorating a patiopotted basilpotted rosemarytabletop plantbest faux plants

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den: sofa | chairs | rug | coffee table | similar lamp | side table – no longer available, similar here and here | art | similar garden stool | blanket | similar blue throw pillow | Mackenzie-Childs tumbler (used as vase)

breakfast room: table – antique | chairs & slipcovers | art via my mom | bar cart | ruffled bowlpom pom basket | pillows no longer available, similar here | cake stand

office: faux fiddle leaf fig, also love this one | shelving | cube | sofa – Lee Industries, similar here

patio: rug | similar table | flower pot 1, 2 | lantern

Do you have any plant tips or struggles? I’d love to hear! Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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19 thoughts on “Tips for Keeping Indoor Plants Alive

  1. These are great tips!
    Since I got married I wanted to have a lot of plants at my home but I’m not good at it!
    And yes my bulldog eats flowers! specifically roses! I think it’s because of the smell, maybe he thinks they are yummy 🙂
    Hope you have a great week
    xo, Kari

  2. Where did you get the pot for the fiddle leaf? I can’t seem to find nice indoor pots anywhere! (That are big enough)

  3. What great tips! I love the look and feel of indoor plants. I admit i’m a plant killer and not very responsible at looking after them, haha! Perhaps fake plants and flowers are the way to go with me and to spray a floral or tropical mist for that feel.


  4. So my boyfriend and are the (wishfully proud) owners of a fiddle fig tree and a rubber plant. Sadly, the fig has seen better days and we’re embarrassed every time someone stops by and sympathizes with the poor state of our little friend. The rubber plant is flourishing, but the fig is so finicky. Did it take you guys a while to get the leaves from browning? We are really struggling..doesn’t help that my cat Lucca enjoys a bite of it here and there because it pisses us off hahaha.

    Love this post!

    1. So the only reason these leaves are brown is because the plant was outside in the sun for 2 days during our fumigation, before that they were green and now that it is back inside it’s getting green again. If they’re brown up toward the top, it might need more water or sun. If they are brown or falling off at the base/bottom, that’s normal!

  5. You’re kind of a plant rockstar! I’ve had such a tough time with indoor (and outdoor, let’s be real) plants. I tend to over water like crazy. I’ve learned to back off quite a bit. I’m definitely putting the faux fiddle leaf on my Christmas list. It’s gorgeous!

  6. What kind of plant is in your living room on the side table? I’m sure it’s some sort of palm but I want to get the exact one!
    Thanks, loved all your tips!

  7. do you have your fiddle in pot with drainage? that’s my biggest struggle with indoor plants. all the cute pots don’t have holes for drainage! :/

    1. My fiddle doesn’t have a drain and it does fine, but my other ones do. If that’s the case you can put both the pot and plate in a basket and cover it up that way!

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