best broccoli soup

It has been so chilly lately in Southern California, so I made this soup Monday night and shared it on Instagram Stories.  It was delicious, and after getting so many emails and messages from y’all wanting the recipe, I thought it deserved its own post!

I followed this recipe exactly and let me tell you… it is magical. At first I thought I might need extra vegetable broth but sure enough, as I stirred and waited patiently – it was perfect.

I’ll definitely be making this again, and if it’s chilly where you are, you need to make this! I served it with cheesy breadsticks, but I think it would knock your socks off in a bread bowl.

Enjoy – and let me know if you want more quick snippet recipe posts! Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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14 thoughts on “Best Broccoli & Cheese Soup

  1. I’m an OG reader. I remember when you still lived in Mississippi and you used to post recipes more often. I love recipe posts!

    1. JENNIFER! I am so grateful for you!! And thank you for this feedback. Even if it’s a quick recipe post like this one, it’s so great to hear! Appreciate you gf –

  2. Definitely into the recipe posts, girl!! Keep ’em coming ( literally stalk your stories for meal ideas)

  3. Thanks for the linky love and glad you loved the soup! I saw a lot of hits coming from your site and popped over to check it out 🙂 I live in San Diego and it’s also super chilly, windy, and rainy here too!

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