how I organize my jewelry

Recently I shared some videos on insta-story while I was cleaning this tray of baubles, and I got so many messages and emails from you guys with questions about organizing jewelry.  SO, I wanted to share my little system up close and personal on the blog!

I bought this tray many years ago (from Target, I believe?), and I have small jewelry dishes I’ve been given or collected over time in it. I use the dishes to hold my stud earrings, rings, hoop earrings, bangles, etc.. The drawers in my nightstands serve as additional jewelry storage. I keep pretty small boxes and have placed them within the drawers to act as dividers between the madness.

And of course I have so many tassel earrings that they’re overflowing from their tray!

I also keep brooches in a glass box, and I have necklaces simply hanging from nails I nailed in the wall in my closet (not pictured… because my closet is like a black cave).

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similar mirrored chest here (on sale), here and here

Below are some trays and jewelry dishes that I think would be great for storage!

I have to admit, as much as I’m dreading packing, I am looking forward of taking advantage of the time to go through and organize everything.

If there are any other organization/decor posts you’d like to see, please let me know in the comments. Thanks so much for reading and sharing – XO –

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11 thoughts on “How I Organize My Jewelry

  1. Great post and tips! You have so many beautiful jewels and accessories, I can’t imagine how you keep up with it all. I’m so bad about losing things and only wearing 3 pieces. Are you good about that?


    1. Ha! We are giving stuff we can’t take to Christian’s coworkers or donating it. I tried selling some stuff on Craigslist but no one is biting!

      1. Kathleen, you should try posting things on Poshmark! I know personally I would be interested in purchasing from your handbag/accessory/jewelry/clothing collections and I bet many readers would be too. I’m sure you know this but Poshmark is definitely more curated towards fashion & women which aligns with your target audience much more than Craigslist does!

        1. I’m actually just listing some furniture on Craigslist. I sell my clothes locally to consignment because I would have to hire someone to manage/package/ship and unfortunately with the move time is a little extra precious right now! However I DO still have a gray YSL sac de jour I want to sell if anyone is interested!

  2. Where did you purchase the beautiful gold scalloped earrings that are laying on the tuckernuck pouch in the picture? I tried searching the tuckernuck website but couldn’t find them. Best wishes for an easy, organized, and successful move to SF!

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