summer picnic outfit

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This time of year I’m always in the mood for a picnic. Maybe it’s an after church Sunday adventure, day date or special occasion, but there’s nothing better than a blanket, picnic basket, glass of wine and some grass (or sand!). The. Best.

I’ve had this hat for years and it’s a staple. The perfect sized brim! I have a similar round straw bag, and it’s one I reach for often because it holds so much.  I got a picnic basket as a wedding gift from my besties mom. and it’s still one of my favorite gifts.  This dress has picnic dreams written all over it, and these shades are on my birthday wish list (I’ve been wearing the dupes for over a year).

Are you guys picnic people? Do you have picnic tips? I usually go for things that don’t involve lots of utensils – sandwiches, finger foods, wine in a can, chips. Keep it simple. I’d love to hear a favorite picnic memory!  Mine is probably beach picnics in Newport Beach with Christian.

Thanks so much for reading and sharing! XO –

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6 thoughts on “Summer Picnic Vibes

  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one that wanted a picnic basket as a wedding gift! My fiance thought I was crazy for wanting to put one on our registry haha

  2. Great post! these items are gorgeous, especially that dress, and while I’m not a picnic or outdoor eating type of person, I do think picnics are quite beautiful.


  3. My husband and I were engaged during a picnic! He was living overseas at the time so we met up in Paris. We decided on an impromptu picnic because the weather was so nice. Swung by the grocery store and grabbed some cure meats, cheeses, a baguette, some fresh fruit, and a bottle of wine. Found a great spot along the banks of the Seine with the Notre Dame cathedral in the background. It was magical! We now do picnics often and a hard baguette with some meats and cheese is always our go-to!

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