.All I can think about is rearranging furniture, restyled bookshelves and cleaning closets.ย  It’s like I’m on a nesting hamster wheel.ย  Honestly, I’ll do almost anything to avoid washing more dishes.ย  Anyone else?

Below are some home purchases and wish list pieces I’ve had my eye on –

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I bought this cutting board and vase – love them both.ย  We have been wanting to put some Adirondack chairsย on our patio, so we snagged these chairs and these footrests at 40% off.ย  I love the shape of this serving board, and I can never have enough statues and busts (bought this one last week).ย  I also bought these faux olive branches for a tall vase and mentioned a paint by numbers kit I was loving in this post.

This lamp has caught my eye but I’m not sure where I would put it…

What have you been working on?ย  Any rooms you’re spending extra time in?ย  I read someone share they are having their meals in different rooms throughout the house.ย  They it said it helped to make them feel like they’re “going out.”ย  I thought that was such a fresh perspective!

Thanks so much for reading and sharing.ย  And you can check out 20 ideas for things to do at home here and here.ย  XO –

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  1. Hi! Are those world market chairs
    comfortable without cushions? Iโ€™ve been
    considering them.

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