Sharing 2020’s last holiday gift guide – Last Minute Gift Ideas under $50!  I’m crossing my fingers that you have done most of your holiday shopping already.  But usually there is one or two people left on the list we’re on the hunt for…

So hopefully this will give you a few ideas!  If you’re still looking for ideas you can find more gift guides at the top of this site under “holiday.”  To shop, just click on the item or find its associated number below the collage.


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Anything in marble = beautiful.  I have this platter and have loved it.  This footed bowl is beautiful too.

If someone doesn’t have a pizza stone yet, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

I love a mini record player – so fun around the holidays for seasonal records.  We have some of my grandparents and I love them.

Air popped popcorn has been a go-to snack of mine since I was a kid.  A machine like this makes it twice as fun!

I think a board game like this or this is a really fun idea.  It’s always fun to have some games in a TV cabinet.

I recently got these cashmere socks and I love them.  A real gift that keeps on giving.

And every household needs a bluetooth microphone.  The party accessory!

I hope you’re making your list and checking it twice.  Trying to prepare some content ahead of time for you guys so I can duck away for a little break during the holidays.  I am ready for some lounge time!

Thank you so much for reading, having a beautiful weekend and Merry Christmas – XO –

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