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I’m always looking for inspiration for holiday meals, so I thought I would share what we plan to cook on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

We will be staying in Georgia because Christian is working the holidays this year, but now that we have this larger kitchen compared to solo holidays in years past – I’m actually looking forward to cooking.  I think it’s going to be a pretty sweet little weekend.


Classic Breakfast Casserole | This is what we had every Christmas morning growing up.  You can serve it with biscuits and fresh fruit, and it just tastes like Christmas to me.  One year my mom didn’t make it, not really thinking it had become our “tradition.”  All of us were like, “WHERE’S THE CASSEROLE!?”  Needless to say, she won’t be skipping it again!

I read the comments of this recipe and I am going to try to use Texas Toast, half and half instead of milk and up the egg count.

Coffee Cake | Christian loves coffee cake, so he’s going to make this easy recipe this year.

Morton’s Family Strata | So I’ve never made this, but considering The Family Stone is one of my favorite movies, it’s time I give it a whirl.


Popeye’s Turkey | You read that right.  My friend told me that her friend’s mother swears by their turkeys, and I want to see what’s up.  So we’ve ordered one!

Grammy’s Dressing | We stick with my grandmother’s very basic dressing recipe that is my favorite, probably because of nostalgia.  It’s very similar to this recipe!

Sweet Potato Casserole | Gotta have it, especially with marshmallows!

Creamed Spinach Casserole | This is something Christian always looks forward to, so I’m going to try out this recipe this year.


Classic Chocolate Pie | I make this nearly every year.  It always goes fast!

Coconut Pie | Growing up, my grandmother always made a coconut pie for every holiday.  It tastes like home to me.

black floral wallpaperholiday tablescape

earrings | similar turtleneck here, here and here, also have and love this one | pants

dining room reveal here | tabletop details here

Other plans we have are to stream our church’s Christmas Eve service (it was a lottery system this year and we didn’t get seats), hot chocolate and Christmas movies, board games, a family walk or exercise (a Christmas Eve tradition, oddly enough) and a wood-burning fire round the clock.

For some tablescape inspiration, be sure to check out this post which you can also find under the “holiday” category!

And if you have any recipe classics that are crowd pleasers, I would love to hear!  Merry merry Christmas! XO –

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4 thoughts on “What I’m Cooking on Christmas Eve + Christmas Day

  1. We are also staying home, so I’m cooking. I’m going to bake my grandmother’s Italian Cream Cake and some other treats as my mom always has a variety of goodies. Check out Joanna Gaines’ French Silk Pie for another great chocolate pie recipe. I made it twice in November, for my husband’s birthday and Thanksgiving. She shows a variation with the chocolate crust, but we stuck to a regular pie crust and it was perfect!

  2. Love the recipes! We too are staying home this year and are excited to try out some recipes and start our onw traditions with our little one. I am getting cinnamon rolls from Edgar’s (bham!) and making sausage balls and other things to snack on all day!

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