A few months back I told my sister-in-law I would bring a pie for Thanksgiving.  I have this problem of where I’m always wanting to try new recipes, which means that rather than opt for that tried-and-true dish that I know will be delicious, I take a risk on a new dish that may or may not be any good. I received this pie plate (and this loaf pan) that matches my everyday china from my in-laws recently, so I’ve been in full pie mode (Christian completely supports this)!  All of this being said, I wanted to try a chocolate pie for the holidays and lo and behold I found this recipe for the chocolate pie from The Help!

You might remember this scene (of which Christian and I love to quote), but this recipe is quick, easy and absolutely delicious.  I love that the recipe comes from Greenwood, Mississippi, where my grandmother lives and both of my parents grew up. Apparently they made over 50 pies for filming!

Fun fact: The home Bryce Dallas Howard’s character, “Hilly Holbrook,” lives in is actually my mom’s high school friend’s home and where my parents had their engagement party.

You need to make this pie.  Not only because of the movie, but also because it’s delicious!  Thanks for reading and don’t forget to enter the Lookbook Store giveaway – XO

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10 thoughts on “Minny’s Chocolate Pie Recipe

  1. Ummmm YUM!!! This pie looks so amazing! I really loved the movie The Help! Is it a book too? (I can’t remember, but if it is I should read it!). I loved reading about how the house in the movie is actually the real house of your mum’s high school friend and where your parents had their engagement party – that’s just too cool!

    Carly xo

  2. First off I laughed and couldn’t stop because immediately I saw the clip from the movie and then the pie! I just started following you but I have to admit you’re wit is like mine and I love it! By the way, when I entertain I love trying new things out as well. Some times they are a hit and others they aren’t. But think of it this way, if you don’t try it out on someone you will never know if it is good because you can’t be your own critic!

    1. Isn’t that clip EVERYTHING?? I’m so glad to hear you can see the bits of humor, life is too short to take everything too seriously, right? And I totally know what you mean about cooking – I will try something new and Christian says it’s good. Then I taste it and I’m like, “why did you lie to me I know this tastes like garbage.” #realtalk PS – welcome to CBL! XO

  3. Memories! Yes, in June of 1979 my engagement party was at “Hilly’s” beautiful home. I remember Ann’s mother had the most wonderful chocolate moose served with pirouette cookies and all of the food, including that dessert was in the very dining room where Hilly ate the pie. Fortunately, Gail’s moose was full of sugar, whipping cream and chocolate and a little gelatin if I remember correctly! It is a beautiful home and all of our close knit friends have many happy memories from 413 Grand Blvd. How telling is it that the only food I remember from the party contained chocolate? And by the way, Ann’s mother Gail is a beautiful and lovely woman, unlike Hilly!

    1. That is such a neat story, Karen! I am also from Mississippi…(Hattiesburg)…and of course LOVED the book and then the movie… The Help. When I saw Minny’s chocolate chess pie in the movie, I knew it looked very familiar. I’m so pleased to know (after reading the recipe Kathleen shared) that it’s the very same recipe I have been cooking since the third grade that I got from my best childhood friend, Shelley, after eating it at her house for the first time. It was the BEST chocolate thing I’d ever put in my mouth!! And to this day, I have made it and taken it places…hundreds of times!! It remains my favorite and is now also that of my husband and 5 children!! It is the easiest recipe (especially using a pre-made crust and you must buy the deep dish one) and receives rave reviews from everyone! Though I live in Alabama now, I still LOVE all things MISSISSIPPI…so especially enjoyed this story today! 🙂

  4. I had no idea your parents are from Greenwood! That’s my hometown. We love our little claim to fame, “The Help”. Our town literally shut down that summer and it was so fun. This pie looks incredible…must make it soon. Anything from The Help is bound to be delicious!

    1. Oh yeah gf – I know you’re from Greenwood! 🙂 My mom went to The Delicatessen to pick up some sandwiches that summer and just missed Emma Stone. Such a fun time! XO

  5. HAHA. Oh my gosh. I couldn’t stop laughing. That is totally my favorite scene too. Too funny. Also, this pie looks seriously relish. I am always looking for new recipes to make for my friends and this one looks super fab! Thanks for sharing. can’t wait to make it.
    xx Tessa

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